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Work is not a Four Letter Word

IThis past weekend we celebrated my father’s 80th birthday at the Kerns Cow Camp on the Dry Fork of Wyoming’s Big Horn National Forest. My great-grandfather, James Wesley Kerns, acquired this grazing allotment in 1906, sold it to my grandfather in the ‘20s, who later sold it to my father in 1966. The following year, Dad sold the permit to a neighbor so as to partner on the new Lake Creek allotment with his brother. In 2010, my older brother, Dana, bought this allotment back from the neighbor, so this small piece of history has returned to the family. (This is redneck pasture rotation.)

Like all mountain grazing allotments, the Dry Fork has a colorful history. In 1932, the cook stove and logs to build the cabin were hauled by team and wagon from the homestead of my great-great-grandfather, Tom Powers, on East Pass Creek up to the mountains. During the steep descent into the Dry Fork Canyon a wagon accident claimed the life of one mule. I am not surprised given my experience with wagon run-a-ways coupled with the steepness of this canyon. (This is why Christians make the best teamsters; they are not afraid of dying.)

When I was ten, my father, uncle, cousins and brothers ate lunch at this cabin enroute to exploring our new grazing permit on Lake Creek. This was day one of what became a three-day reconnoitering nightmare pocked with starvation, white-water river crossings and dysentery. My brothers and I soon learned such things were normal when astride a horse on the mountain and experiences which did not kill us made us what we are today.

Here is my point: Like everyone else, God has blessed my family. (If you do not think your family is blessed, you are not looking hard enough.) We all bring glory to Him by working tirelessly in whatever task He lays before us, be it hauling logs in a wagon, building a ranch, a veterinary practice, shoveling concrete, building roads, working in a refinery, battling in the legislature, or teaching school. Jesus explains this in the parable of the talents. (Mathew 25:14)

When President Obama claims an individual’s success comes from the efforts of others and not from the sweat of one’s brow he is advancing the primary wealth redistribution tenet of Marxism. For the government to steal the wealth earned by others the populace must first be convinced the bounty came from the sweat of the masses. Frighteningly, he received a standing ovation and this is so wrong.

There are thousands of American families who are successful solely because they worked harder, smarter or took greater risk than those satisfied with the status quo. You can believe happiness comes as gifts from the ruling class, but it is a miserable existence. True success comes in spite of government, not because of it.

President Obama is so warped by Marxist propaganda he is incapable of understanding what it truly means to be an American. He and his progressive comrades at every level of government must go. Between now and November 6th we must all work to elect candidates who will restore our great constitutional republic. Do not expect your neighbor to step up and make the difference. Our great restoration must begin with you, because it will not begin with anyone else.

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