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When Deception Becomes Reality

The trophy wife is once again teaching high school math and she overheard a student telling a story of spotting someone openly carrying a firearm at a coffee shop. After seeing the pistol the student wondered whether this person was breaking the law. Druann speaks Montana gun laws fluently, so she jumped into the discussion after reminding them this was math class. The students were shocked to learn the right to openly carry a firearm exists nearly everywhere in Montana, as they had swallowed the state sponsored lie guns are inherently evil, so had concluded open carry must be illegal. Discussing this story over dinner, took me back my high school days.

During hunting season in 1975, nearly every pickup in the school parking lot had a rear window rifle-rack proudly sporting at least one high powered rifle. This was considered normal then and should be now. Forty years later, freedom and the fundamental right of self-defense has been so infringed the masses have bought the lie firearm use is best restricted to the ruling class; a testament to the effectiveness of anti-gun propaganda. The right to keep and bear arms may already be lost, but it could have been saved had someone warned us and this brings me to my point. Consider yourself warned about what is next.

In response to the rash of beheadings by Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, President Obama recently hosted a three-day conference addressing “violent extremism;” a hand-picked moniker ignoring Islamic terrorists while attacking the extremists the progressive fear most—conservative Christians. It is not coincidence, this summit was timed to divert attention from Net Neutrality, the FCC’s regulatory grab of the internet; the second of their two prong attack. Here is how these two issues are related.

Net Neutrality is actually Obamacare for the internet with the ruling class seizing total control of the electronic vortex. Through social media, the ruling authority will identify religious extremists electronically professing their Christian faith and will apply corrective pressures with random IRS audits and the rejection of background checks for firearm purchases. If you think this preposterous then ask Andrew Clyde, a small business owner in Athens, Georgia. Andrew had a very successful small firearms store and consistently made daily deposits of just under $10,000; a ceiling established by his business insurance policy. Unfortunately, because the Bank Secrecy Act requires federal authorities to be notified of all bank deposits over $10,000, the ruling class automatically becomes suspicious when the little people consistently deposit amounts just under the threshold. Andrew Clyde was flagged and on April 12, 2013, the IRS seized one million dollars from his business accounts. One year and $150,000 in legal fees later, the IRS returned all but $50,000. The 1970 Bank Secrecy Act was drafted with good intentions, but in the wrong hands it empowers evil.

With Net Neutrality freezing the free flow of news in the social media, state approved stories will become the prominent headlines brainwashing the masses. Remember, many of the above high school math students thought open carry was illegal. It will take less than a decade of this propaganda for the ruling class to indoctrinate the unwashed that Obamacare has provided health care for all, the Carbon Tax has stabilized the climate and “violent extremists,” the evil armed Christians, were necessarily and properly purged from America.

It has been said, government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take from you everything you have. We have allowed the government to grow so massive it can take your firearms, your money, your freedom to worship, and the freedom of speech all because you accepted their deception as reality.


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