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War of Words

When it comes to coining catch phrases, Democrats are light years ahead of Republicans. The GOP tries hard, but is rarely successful compared to the crafty euphemisms offered by the left. Let’s compare the clauses offered by the master versus those by the student in our war of words.

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” or Obamacare, protects no one, will either be expensive or care will be rationed, yet it flows off the tongue so smoothly many dream it will be a wonderful thing. If you believe it possible to offer free healthcare for every American and simultaneously lessen the total cost by merely allowing the Internal Revenue Service to administer the program, your reasoning is void of logic and you will find nothing of use in the remainder of this column. Spare yourself the frustration of considering a position other than the state sponsored lie and immediately turn to the classified section.

“Clean and green” was the moniker leftists tagged to electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind or solar. Although unreliable and expensive the moniker conjures visuals of little bunnies hopping through a lush forest, so the public buys it. Adding hydroelectric generation to the list of clean and green renewable energy sources has been attempted in each of the previous four Montana Legislative sessions. However, the left knows the fastest way to create dependency is to drive the price of electricity beyond the average consumer, so leftists successfully blocked hydro from being considered clean and green.

“Drill, baby drill” was the GOP’s recent attempt at catch-phrasing. America has vast untapped reserves of gas and oil, so drill, baby drill is based on truth, but unfortunately it does not elicit the happy feelings of giggling bunnies. The left has indoctrinated the masses to make all decisions based on emotions, so by relying on facts the Republicans suck at this game and this brings me to my point.

The politically powerful term “dark money” is popping up across Montana news reports and oddly it appears to be a GOP coined phrase. However, it is not as it likely originated from the staff in Governor Bullock’s office. Three recent events have plastered dark money to the headlines. Event one: On April 5th, before the House Judiciary Committee, Senator Jim Peterson (R-Buffalo) introduced SB375, the dark money bill. Against the wishes of Democrats and liberal Republicans, we tabled the bill. Event two: These same liberal Republicans began gathering signatures to put the Dark Money Initiative before voters at the next election. Event three: Governor Bullock and former Governor Schweitzer MAY have recently violated campaign finance laws and every news story links their indiscretion with the term dark money even though their missteps had nothing to do with dark money. If you believe getting the dark money out of politics is good, you are being sucked into the vortex of disinformation. “Liberty money” would be a much more appropriate term because these funds are typically raised to defeat incumbents ignoring their constitutional oath of office. These third party political committees operate independently of any candidate and are subject to the same campaign regulations and reporting as everyone else. Contrary to what is inferred, they do not operate in the shadows. All Democrats and liberal Republicans despise liberty money because it is the major obstacle to their implementation of Marxist principles.

Think back to your high school civics class, assuming you actually learned about American liberty and were not just indoctrinated by Common Core principles. Does the importance of a “secret ballot” ring a bell? It should. The red, white and blue curtains purposely concealing the voting booth are not there at the insistence of Martha Stewart. Your right to vote, along with your right to express yourself, is meaningless if it is not anonymous. If citizens can be publically bullied for not accepting or promoting the state sponsored lie, we are no longer a nation founded on individual liberty. Freedoms of expression whether by secret ballot or by anonymously donating to political causes are natural rights and the government shall not infringe upon them per the First Amendment of the Constitution. The “Dark Money Initiative” is dangerous, but I fear it will be passed by disinformed voters and our freedom will become collateral damage in the war of words.

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