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Trust but Verify

Would you agree trust is the most important factor in every relationship whether it be social, familial or business? As it is nearly impossible to regain once it is lost, a wise person guards their word, yet the government does not. Characteristically, the ruling class draws my attention today.

For a veterinarian to sign health certificates or Bangs vaccinate heifers requires special accreditation. When I graduated vet school in 1983 and passed a USDA exam, a simple training session secured your life-long endorsement to perform this regulatory work. As I recently learned, the only thing life-long about government are the programs themselves; veterinarians must now re-certify every three years. The procedure is relatively painless to normal veterinarians, but it pegs the tolerance meter of those of us repulsed by government intrusion. Apparently, my four sessions in Montana’s House has sensitized me.

My accreditation was set to expire at the end of October, so last week I downloaded and read the six training modules, took the test, filled out the form and became re-certified. It sounds painless, but it wasn’t. The module addressing foreign animal diseases drove me insane as it stressed the importance of obtaining a thorough history when investigating a suspicious animal disease. “Has anyone recently visited a foreign country,” was suggested as an appropriate question. Now, let’s let that incubate a moment while I tie this to a real-life example of regulatory medicine.

In August, a livestock broker from Canada requested I do the lab tests and issue an international health certificate for the shipment of 12, male, Boer goats from Texas into Canada. This would require a 21 day quarantine in Montana, an import permit, Brucellosis and TB testing and about two dozen phone calls. Sadly for me, the broker called on our only slow day in August, so I accepted the job. Over my 30 years, I have done this enough to know international health certificates can be rejected for critical things like misspelled words, so I go to great lengths to be certain every detail is correct. This time I missed one. The regulations state alpha-numeric tattoos are acceptable permanent ID, but either they were just kidding, or one particular border agent prefers USDA metal ID tags. Either way, the ruling authority forced me to re-tag all 12 goats and then re-issue lab work coordinating the new tags with the alpha-numeric tattoos previously used. While visiting with Michelle, the very nice USDA representative in Helena, I expressed my disgust with Canadian health certificates.

“This is nothing,” she offered. “You should see the nightmare of paperwork to get critters into Mexico.” Remember this when you think about the thousands of illegal immigrants and possible terrorists flooding our southern border. Recent news reports claim the federal government has secretly shipped these illegals into every state in America, which would be against USDA rules if they were animals but is apparently okay with humans. Could these shipments be related to a surge in respiratory infections caused by Enterovirus D68; recently claiming the life of a four-year-old New Jersey boy. My re-certification training suggests we should ask, “Has your son recently visited a foreign country, or possibly have citizens of foreign nations recently visited your community?” Let that question incubate, while I jump again.

What do you know about the Ebola virus? Is it highly contagious and truly a health threat? Can you be vaccinated against it? In terms of air travel, why is it more dangerous to carry seven ounces of toothpaste in your luggage than to crawl on board leaking Ebola virus through your bodily fluids? Obviously, the government is lying and this finally brings me to my point.

The ruling class has proven they will lie, cheat and steal to get the unwashed to submit. Their credibility is at zero; exactly where it belongs. Trust, but verify only works if you have the knowledge to verify. Never forget, the only backside about which the ruling class is concerned is their own.

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