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The Winter of Great Awakenings

It was a little after four on Sunday morning.  We had planned to sleep late, but the howling north winds were buzzing through the soffits and creating such a racket I crawled out of bed.  Somehow, my trophy wife was still sleeping.  Because our pace is slower on the Sabbath, I started breakfast on the cook stove by quietly splitting some kindling, opening the damper, and nearly effortlessly building a crackling fire.  The word “nearly” is significant as the wind billowing over the top of the garage began powering the smoke back down the chimney.   I hustled to override this downdraft with a hot flash-fire because the trophy wife can be cranky when the smoke alarm rockets her out of bed.  By releasing the combustible energy trapped in multiple crumpled pages of outdated issues of (insert your paper’s name here), my cooking fire emerged victorious.  I tossed some bacon into a cast iron skillet and before long, surmised the worst thing about being a leftist vegetarian is never being able to experience the wonderful aroma of sizzling bacon—poor fools.  These same over-indoctrinated folks think coffee comes from a stainless steel apparatus at Starbucks, so are bewildered by the smell and sight of a brown liquid boiling in an old blue enamel coffee pot.  It really sucks to be a leftist.  My trophy wife is at the polar opposite end of the political spectrum, so the aroma of bacon and coffee brought her from under the covers; something a 50 mile per hour north wind could not do. 


It was just cracking daylight, when we sat down to breakfast.  Across the pasture we saw our horses and mules behind a clump of box elder trees sheltering themselves from the bitter wind.  Most are covered with a two-inch thick blanket of snow, but the older ones lacking a winter hair coat were snowless; the sign they were losing their battle with Mother Nature.  Andy’s back was black.   He is 30 years old and is the last member of my first mule team; Wyoming’s winter winds took his brother, Amos, a couple of years ago.   Andy has no teeth and in spite of our best efforts with barrels full of cracked corn, he will not see another Montana spring.  For no reason other than it is the normal cyclic nature of weather, this winter of 2013-2014 is shaping up to be as nasty as the winters of the ‘70s, namely the 1770s and 1970s.  Interestingly, both decades ushered significant changes to the American political landscape; in the 1770s the forces advancing freedom prevailed, while the 1970s brought significant victories to those advocating tyranny.  Is the relationship between weather and politics causative or coincidence?  Let’s take a look.


During the horrendous winters of the 1770s our great American experiment in freedom was born.  More goodness and relief of human suffering has occurred worldwide because of American liberty than any other reason.  However, during the winters of the 1970s, freedom took a back seat to tyranny.  President Nixon burdened us with the Endangered Species Act in 1973 and the government sponsored religion of environmentalism became a fundamental part of education.  During this frozen decade, Marxist earth worshipers blamed western capitalism for the impending ice age and the hysteria of global cooling spread like wildfire.  Headlines boldly stated it was just a matter of time before North America would be covered in ice if we did not use tax policy to strangle western economic growth.  Opinion became scientific fact and deniers were ridiculed as ignorant.


A global warming pattern emerged in the 1980s and 1990s.  Without missing a beat, the forces supporting the national religion of environmentalism adopted the man caused global warming mantra.  For reasons I will never understand, the impending ice age warnings of the 1970s were purged from the memories of most Americans.  Global warming hysteria, like the global cooling hysteria, again spread like wildfire with the only possible solution being to manipulate tax policy to strangle western capitalism.  Does that sound familiar?     


Today, we find the climatologists and eco-tourists trapped in record breaking sea ice surrounding Antarctica still advancing the theory of man caused global warming.  This begs the question:  Exactly how stupid does the ruling class think we are?  Answer:  Very stupid—you have been trained to be stupid and do as you are told all while thinking you are the smartest person in the room.  Government indoctrination disguised as education is dangerous, but now to my point.


For me to claim a causative relationship exists between the winter weather and politics is ludicrous, just as is the relationship between man’s carbon emissions and climate.  You are being played as a fool.   Whether the majority of citizens will discover this leftist fraud before the noose has choked the last breath from American liberty is the question I cannot answer.  Are we like Andy, and this is America’s last winter, or will this record breaking cold stimulate a great awakening where a majority of voters repel tyranny and restore the principles of limited government.  The decision is yours. What say you?                                

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