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The Second American Crisis

It was a Monday. Tom studied the vacant stares of the starving soldiers staggering westward across New Jersey. Five months earlier these roads were packed with 30,000 enthusiastic colonists parading with great fanfare to New York to join General Washington’s Continental Army. Today’s retreat was quiet. British artillery, Hessian bayonets, desertion and disease reduced this army to fewer than 2,500 with the strength or willingness to shoulder their muskets to defend the American cause. The miles and muck had long ago rotted the boots from one-third of the soldiers, so they wrapped their feet in rope and burlap to plod westward. The fate of our fledgling republic fell to the few who still held liberty was worth this heavy cost—Tom and George believed just such.

God had granted Thomas Paine special talents with the written word, and today using a drum head as a writing desk, he penned “The American Crisis”; words which would forever change the world. “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Tom began. “The summer soldier and sunshine patriot will, in this crisis shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

General George Washington too possessed a Divine gift, but his was a conglomeration of traits varying from selfless leadership, to loyalty, to passionate delivery of the spoken word. It was not coincidence which brought these two patriots together on this Monday, December 23rd, 1776—it was God. General Washington used Tom’s words in the “American Crisis” to inspire his emaciated soldiers to ignore their own reality and take up arms for a dream. Their next mission, “Victory or Death”, perfectly described crossing the Delaware River in a horrendous blizzard, under the cloak of darkness to launch the infamous Christmas Day surprise attack on the Hessian forces in Trenton. The American cause would live to fight another day.

Multiple times, over the next six years General Washington motivated patriots to fight without pay, food, or re-enforcements. For no reason other than his Excellency had personally requested such, soldiers answered his call to duty again and again. America needed George Washington then, and our glorious republic desperately needs him today. Never again will world events be aligned so as to allow the start of a second great American experiment in freedom, so this election we either vote in a manner to preserve liberty, or forever wish we would have.

Friday, June 15th, at the Republican Delegate Convention in Missoula, a conflict regarding balloting procedures erupted between GOP leadership and Ron Paul supporters. The disagreement escalated with Ron Paul enthusiasts threatening to disengage in this election cycle to teach GOP leadership a lesson. I beg all involved: Please think this through. It will be a lesson to the GOP alright, but also one to their children, your children, and every American from now through perpetuity. If there is any group keenly aware of the precariousness of our situation, it is the Ron Paul crowd and I pray they will not sacrifice American freedom just to prove a point. To walk away now, ignores the sacrifice of 2500 starving patriots marching in a blizzard wearing burlap boots pursuing a dream few would live to see to fruition.

Come January 2013, I intend to be on the Montana House floor fighting for liberty whether my party controls both legislative chambers, the governor’s office, both houses of Congress, the presidency, or not. I refuse to be a sunshine patriot and surrender is simply not an option. The American restoration could use your help. What say you?

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