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The Sacrifice

Expecting reinforcements which never came, Colonel Travis explained three grim options to the patriots under his command. First, they could rush their 2000 enemy attackers and be massacred in fierce hand-to-hand combat. Option two was surrender and be executed or third, stand their ground and die as free men. They chose number three and shortly after sunrise on Sunday morning, March 6th, 1836, the last of 200 Texan freedom fighters were slaughtered at the Alamo. Throughout history, the love of freedom has prompted ordinary Americans to do extraordinary things, but sadly today this willingness to surrender one’s life, fortune and sacred honor for liberty is rare. Fortunately, there are exceptions and one of those is Senator Ted Cruz. Why am I not surprised he is from Texas?

Leftists who long ago exchanged their yearning to be free for the illusion of security, will think it a stretch to compare Senator Cruz’s recent Obamacare filibuster to the ultimate sacrifices by the likes of Travis, Bowie and Crocket, but I beg to differ. The heroes in the Alamo died but once, while Senator Cruz will suffer unmerciful attacks day after day, by both Democrats and Republicans because he dared to hold freedom in higher esteem than establishment politics. Today, compromise is championed as the supreme virtue over conviction to liberty and it disgusts me to see deal cutters portrayed as heroes. Can you name a single engagement in American history, be it military or political, where freedom was won through compromise or surrender? I doubt it because it does not happen.

There are people excited about Obamacare because the illusion of free stuff can be so intoxicating they no longer feel the chains tightening around their wrists. It is so much easier for the ruling class to enslave the little people if they willingly accept bondage. Because October first is the official Obamacare launch date, news stories are suddenly surfacing suggesting it just might be an expensive and catastrophic boondoggle; a “train wreck” to use Senator Baucus’s own words. It is as if the state sponsored media only recently discovered high-priced healthcare will be dictated and/or rationed by a government panel, and Americans will have no other options—so much for the “land of the free” lyrics in our national anthem. Obamacare supporters are diluting this reality by swamping news outlets with warm and fuzzy stories about the Affordable Care Act. I am so tired of being lied to, but I am a minority.

In spite of all this bad news, there is a silver lining; in terms of politics, all the cards are about to be turned face up on the table. If you are not brave enough to accept the truth, I suggest you jump to the classified section because my words are going to sting. Three… two…one, here we go. The Democrats have wholly embraced Marxism and pose a greater threat to America than terrorism. They never surrender an opportunity to implement the principles of the Communist Manifesto, and never forget Obamacare originally passed Congress via a parliamentary sleight of hand called “deemed passed.” Three-fifths of the Republicans embrace compromise and they so love the political process they will support every Democrat position so as to receive “atta boys” from the left be they colleagues or media. This leaves a tiny fraction of tea party Republicans who have the knowledge, plus the guts to restore our American republic. Senator Ted Cruz is a perfect example of one who gets it and he deserves our unwavering support while we simultaneously remove most of the others from office.

Democrats and compromising liberal Republicans will holler the problem is the tea party wing of the GOP and if we all would join hands and move to the left, balance would be restored. They are as wrong as they are vicious. Do not think this conflict only exists at the national level, because I have witnessed this ideological battle day after day on the floor of Montana’s House. Unlike Colonel Travis’s three options at the Alamo, we only have two: One, sacrifice our lives, fortunes and sacred honor defending liberty by removing the true problems from public office, or two, forever wish we would have. What say you?

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