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The Progressive Trinity

I am a political masochist, so I watched the president’s State of the Union address. His crafty points contained just enough truth to slip past casual consumers of political spin. The speech was so perfectly choreographed, I was surprised he didn’t run the like-your-doctor-keep-your-doctor line because I think his frenzied audience would have swallowed it again. Several political think-tanks have already addressed the president’s little white lies, so to repeat their findings would be beating a dead horse. Instead, I will focus on the president’s underlying theme to advance progressivism, the cruelest of all political ideologies.

There are two societal levels in a progressive utopia, the ruling class and the unwashed. We unwashed are divided into two subcategories, the non-producers and the producers with the former hopelessly enslaved in dependency and the later enslaved in debt. Only the ruling class is free to metaphorically move about the cabin. If you wonder how the ruling class could possibly secure their power while simultaneously ensnaring the unwashed in bondage, study the president’s address. He spelled out our imprisonment as plain as day.

The first step in accepting wealth redistribution as a fitting and proper function of government requires the non-producers to “covet thy neighbor’s house, wife, manservant, maidservant, ox, ass and anything that is thy neighbors.” Contrary to the teachings of President Obama, just because someone has more than you does not entitle you to take it. Frequently disguised within terms such as income inequality, minimum wage, social justice, Obamacare, climate change, and free community college, every progressive solution involves the transfer of bounty from someone who has earned it to someone who has not. It is not wise to covet your neighbor’s stuff. Now to step two.

Government has no job, so they can only give you things after stealing it from someone else. Theft is theft whether done at night by a teenager wearing a hoodie, or done by a majority vote of crooks wearing a coat and tie. Once you accept covetousness, governmental theft goes down the hatch as smooth as chocolate milk. The wild and reckless printing of money is universal governmental theft which is easily hidden, but this does not change the underlying truth that people should not steal. On to step three.

Big government is the god of the ruling class. It is promoted as the source of all goodness with the solution to every societal problem being but one new government program away. Establishing their own god is why progressives have prohibited the free exercise of religion in our schools and are laboring to remove every reference to the true and living God from the fabric of our lives. With covetousness and theft universally accepted, the idolatrous worship of big government completes the progressive holy trinity. This is bad because God commands us to have none other before Him and this brings me to my point.

Astute believers have already recognized the progressive holy trinity violates three of the Ten Commandments. Come judgment day, I am unsure how many of the Big Ten you can miss and still get a passing grade, but I would hate to hedge my place in eternity on the hope God grades on a curve. Therefore, I default to the Judeo-Christian principles of free-will, natural rights and limited government as expressed in America’s founding documents. I wholly reject covetousness, theft and idolatry and I suggest you do the same.

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