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The Naked Gun

During this final 30 days of Montana’s legislative session, I advise first-term conservatives discouraged by repeated defeats things get much easier once they give up hope. Although not quite a “Remember the Alamo” speech, it does force legislators to take a critical look at reality. Last fall, voters had an opportunity to substantially change America’s course, yet they chose the status quo. Once again, there are roughly 25 reliable conservative votes in Montana’s House and 12 in the Senate, so with the progressives controlling the remaining seats plus the governor’s office, restoring liberty is hopeless. For example, my House Bill 302, an “act prohibiting state employees from enforcing an unconstitutional federal ban on semi-automatic firearms” was this session’s first bill vetoed by Governor Bullock; a move entirely predictable for supporters of a massive federal authority. I suspect all similar legislation empowering the people over government will meet a similar fate.

For a substantial change of direction, a majority of American voters must experience a spiritual and political awakening so as to elect officials dedicated to our nation’s founding principle of limited government. Because it has taken a century for progressives to destroy liberty, it will take at least as many generations to restore it. Explaining freedom to a populace obsessed with freebies is not easy, so start now and with anyone who might listen. I am concentrating on my ten grandchildren and will pull the eleventh one into the patriot fold when he or she hits the ground in September. Here is a report of my progress from the front lines in the Kerns house.

A couple weeks ago, my daughter, Meagan brought Clara, Gant and Sarah to our house for an overnighter. Grant, the five-year-old, had a doctor’s appointment and the other two tagged along so as to leave only three for Dad to wrestle back in Great Falls. Just like trailing cows with newborn calves, splitting the herd lessens the workload. Grant burst into our house and scurried through the bedrooms until he found his favorite toy; a plastic, double-barrel shotgun with a leather sling.

Sarah, the two-year-old occupying the fifth slot in the sequence of six mini-Kimmels, disappeared into the bathroom. She is a mischievous thing who has been speaking in complete sentences for several months and raising her will require sweat equity from every member of the family plus most of our friends. Grant may have sparked her idea during the three hour drive to Nana and Papa’s, but she burst naked from the bathroom all blonde curls, blue eyes and bare butt cheeks. She was scampering down the hall, when suddenly she stopped and hollered, “I need a gun!” No doubt, what she really needed was clothes, but I wish to draw your attention to her choice of verbs. Notice, she did not say “I want a gun,” and obviously shouting “I have a gun,” would also have been a stretch. All young cowboys know a holster at least requires underwear for a proper fit to keep from chaffing. Needing a gun is the key which made me proud, and here is why.

Progressives know the easiest way to control the masses is early indoctrination. Certainly you have seen recent news stories where school children were disciplined for biting Pop-Tarts into the shape of a gun or making finger-pistol gestures on the playground. This is part of a bigger plan. If a single generation can be conditioned firearms are inherently evil, subsequent generations will willingly accept confiscation. Raise your grandchildren to be patriots, or the government will condition them to be slaves. Think about it.

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