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The Magic of Wool

Every hunter knows wool is a magical fiber which retains its insulating qualities even when wet; it makes you impervious to cold weather. Unfortunately, this wonder fabric escaped my attention for the first 32 years of my life and many miserable hours sitting in a cold, wet saddle could have been avoided had I been wearing wool pants under my chinks. Whoever thinks cowboys should always wear Wranglers has never ventured far enough from Madison Avenue to actually feel the western sensation of wet snow melting and running down your back, through your underwear and pooling in your boots.

After four sessions in Montana’s House, I have discovered another magical use for wool; pulling it over voter’s eyes renders them impervious to logic. Doing so is such an effective management tool I am surprised no one in the liberty wing of the Republican Party has discovered this weapon the left wields so effectively. During my eight year stint of writing this column, I have battled political lies using logic only to learn the wool blind populace prefers politicians promising sugar plums and lollipops over those of us hopelessly stuck in reality. This draws my attention this week because after Easter dinner, I discussed politics with a highly educated young man serving in the Navy’s Blue Angels. Doctor Thayer enlisted after an 11 year stint in academia where he earned a PhD in theoretical physics. Our conversation was pleasant, but direct, and so reminded me of a visit I had in February with a classmate I had not seen since vet school. Dr. Matz left veterinary practice shortly after graduation and returned to the university system so as to get an advanced degree. Like Dr. Thayer, Dr. Matz’s conversational bullet points were laced with Marxist terminology such as “the collective” and “the good of the whole.” Liberty was a concept so foreign when I mentioned the principles of limited government upon which our great American experiment in freedom is based; it was as if I was discussing the color of sound, or the taste of red. Make no mistake about it, both of these fellows are smart men, yet their stint in higher education has so pulled the wool over their eyes it effectively neutered their ability to reason. This is the precise reason the ruling class has commandeered control of the student loan program making school debt ubiquitous. Because the debtor is always slave to the lender, students investing eight years of time and $120,000 in debt obtaining a liberal arts degree find their soul belongs to Uncle Sam upon graduation. Their voting behavior is assured for decades.

There is not the paper or ink to address all the flawed reasoning of educated leftists, so I will attack the common point my two friends failed to see due to institutionally induced wool blindness. Their position always begins with an emotional plea there “should be free…” something. The free item matters not and you can chose healthcare, food, housing, or any other perk to which the common man has been conditioned to think they are entitled. When asked who should pay for this free commodity, the answer is always government. When you explain government does not have a job and can only give free stuff after first taking it from someone else via taxes, you will receive either blank stares or accusations of racism. The blank stare is an indication a beam of light may have broken through the wool, but do not expect them to immediately surrender to logic. Someday, when they are shouldering the responsibilities of raising a family and working extra hours so as to give free healthcare to some slob sitting on a sofa in the slums, it will all make sense. Such is the magic of wool.

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