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The Light Shade on the Lamp of Truth

Requiring you to buy a less desirable item prior to allowing purchase of what you want is a phenomenal marketing scheme institutes of higher indoctrination have been using for decades. Professors of cranky women studies would be serving fries at McDonalds if it not for humanity mandates levied on students pursuing challenging degrees which truly strengthen a graduate’s position in the marketplace. This is the sole reason I landed in a philosophy class in 1978. Apparently, requiring ten hours of humanities enhance your ability to earn wages thrusting your arm into a cow’s rectum. Being a cow doctor is damn glamorous.

As I waited for my philosophy class to begin, I glanced around and could not spot a single familiar face. This was my third year at the University of Wyoming, so I knew most students studying the hard sciences, but these were strangers. Suddenly a bearded grad student sporting a psychedelic orange tie burst through the door introduced himself as our instructor and asked “What are the issues?” The class went insane like a pen of fat steers being chased by a crazed blue heeler. Students hollered out subjects as the teacher rewarded each with an “atta boy” before jumping to the next. I sat bewildered. Over the span of a bizarre 30 minutes, consensus was reached neither the instructor, nor the concrete in the walls could be proven to exist. Because consensus never establishes scientific fact, I closed my notebook, hit the exit, marched to the registrar’s office and dropped the class. It was the best decision of my undergrad career. I mentioned this because today I address concepts proposed by Greek philosopher Socrates as recorded in Plato’s “Republic”; a philosophy book I read at my leisure 33 years after dropping the class. Once you learn to read, the world’s knowledge is at your fingertips.

In the allegory of the cave, Socrates creates the image humans confined in caverns in a fixed position seeing only the shadows of figures purposely cast upon the wall could soon be trained to accept this display as the only true reality. Eventually, subjects would go so far as to refuse to believe anything other than what they were trained to believe. Socrates’s point being education can change the soul by changing desires, so it takes little imagination so see how the ruling class can train the masses to only see what it wants them to see. Read the allegory of the cave because it helps explain my point.

Of the successful business owners I know, several do not have college degrees. Actually, the biggest hitter in my circle of friends never set foot in a college class choosing instead the education garnered as a laborer on a fishing boat. Considering my acquaintances, stories commonplace across America, why does the ruling class perpetuate the myth a college degree is your guarantor of success? The answer is as Socrates taught; government can change your soul by changing your desires.

Give progressives the mind of an 18-year-old and in short order they will control the individual’s thought for decades, which is exactly why President Obama nationalized the student loan program. Never forget the ruling class only implements programs which benefit the ruling class; for the unwashed to think otherwise is to be played the fool. Each year thousands of 26-year-olds enter the job market with worthless degrees, insurmountable student loan debt and a world view contrary to reality. It is as if they had spent eight years confined to a cave watching shadows projected on the wall so as to blindly accept ruling class illusions such as man’s carbon emissions are changing the climate. Their indoctrination is so complete they deny the truth; ironically, “deniers” being the very moniker they coined for those of us who failed to buy the lie.

Of all the fields of study, none have been more damaged by this ruling class con than journalism. What began as an honorable and critical profession overseeing a nation of limited government has morphed into the propaganda wing of the ruling class. Worse yet, most in the media cannot see it. America will begin her comeback the day journalists begin honestly reporting news and resume their role as the fourth branch of government; exposing the other three branches to the light of truth. Until then, they will only serve as a lamp shade.


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