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The Green Needle

The final two steps of a country’s journey into tyranny are government control of health care and confiscation of firearms; both of which must happen quietly so as to not alarm the populace. At the risk of appearing to beat a dead horse, today’s remarks are again directed at Obamacare. Because so many folks are mesmerized by things other than politics, they are missing two subtle, but serious changes in American healthcare. Poke Aunt Betty; she might want to read this.

Beginning October 1st, 2014, the United States is scheduled to implement the World Health Organization’s newly modified International Classification of Diseases (ICD). As this is the tenth alteration, this new classification is labeled ICD-10; crafty aren’t they? ICD-10 creates an alpha-numerical code for every imaginable injury or disease inflicting humans. For example, drowning because your water skis were on fire is V9027XA. One of my favorites, V9542XA, is your category if you are an occupant injured in the forced landing of a spacecraft. After covering all the bases, and I mean ALL the bases, the possible classifications jumps from yesterday’s astronomical 17,000 to a mind-warping level of 155,000. Here is where this becomes problematic. All medical personnel will be required to properly utilize these codes to access the government controlled healthcare delivery system. Because some doctors operate under the illusion we are a free country, they may opt out of ICD-10, but by doing so, they will also opt out of receiving payment for services rendered. Freedom died when government created rights which could only be bequeathed after first stealing stuff from someone else. You may not be a doctor or nurse, so mistakenly think ICD-10 does not affect you. It does; big time and here is why.

Doctor Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the designers of Obamacare, recently appeared on the Fox News O’Riley Factor promoting the advantage of America converting to Community Health Clinics staffed by nurse practitioners. In justifying medical decisions made by paraprofessionals he explained, “You don’t need a doctor for every part of your healthcare.” This move to government owned and operated community clinics is the progressive solution to the M.D. shortage caused by doctors dropping out of the profession and students choosing the cheaper and less rigorous curricula of nurse practitioner or physician assistant. The healthcare of the future will be delivered by nurses following flow charts from diagnosis (ICD-10) to the government approved therapy, so one staff doctor will oversee tens of thousands of patients. Never forget, the ruling class exempted themselves out of Obamacare, so they are keeping their doctors and the old system. Imagine this visit to your Community Health Clinic in 2024.

Suffering a low lumbar fracture from a V9542XA (spacecraft crash) your neighbor rolls you into the local community clinic in a wheelbarrow. The attendant rolls her eyes as she inputs your age into the federal database; 76-year-olds rarely receive treatment beyond the little yellow “pain pill” President Obama spoke of when justifying this new healthcare plan in 2009. Younger citizens suffering from a V9542XA receive an MRI before moving to surgery which is the next fork in the flow chart. Senior citizens get the yellow pill.

Disgusted, you have your neighbor wheel you home bearing the pain as best you can. A week passes; the quality of your life is in the gutter, so you phone the health clinic yet again. After answering a series of questions through push-button responses, a tele-nurse with an Indian accent comes on the line and explains you are at the final fork of the flow chart for a V9542XA. Your options are the little yellow pain pills or the green needle; a euphemism borrowed from veterinarians meaning euthanasia. Welcome to free healthcare.

Do not ignore this frightening reality. With the full implementation of Obamacare, health services will be rationed mostly by withholding treatment from the elderly. In the face of this truth, an extremist wing of Montana politicians who self-identify as Responsible Republicans have pledged to join the Democrats in the upcoming 2015 legislative session and pass Medicaid Expansion; the critical step in launching Obamacare. Unless you embrace the green needle, a.k.a. government assisted suicide, as a viable treatment alternative, I urge you to remove both Responsible Republicans and Democrats from office before it is too late.

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