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The Blindfold

Blindfolds are great tranquilization aids for horses. In my experience, 99 times out of 100, needle shy ponies barely flinch if you first cover there eyes with a blindfold. Let me tell you about the one which flinched.

Greg’s Laurel Trading Post markets horses, trailers, trucks and tack and one of his new geldings, Wild Bay, suffered a forehead laceration. Wild Bay did not come to Greg’s place named such; he earned the moniker while he was there. Sometimes it is hard to tell if veterinarians are part of the solution, or part of the problem. With this pony, I rapidly became part of the problem.

Wild Bay was a little head shy from nearly being scalped, so I stepped him into our stocks and tranquilized him. Even though his nose was hanging on the ground, he threw his head every time I touched his face. I tried a nose twitch; no luck. Retreating to a blindfold, I carefully threaded a towel under his halter, across his eyes, and then back under the halter on the opposite side. For the first second, I looked like a hero; the second second, not so much. Wild Bay panicked and exploded tipping the stocks sideways until they wedged cockeyed between the ground and the clinic roof. He momentarily balanced at this 45 degree angle, before kicking hard and driving his feet through the floorboards of the stocks inflicting a truly serious laceration to his left rear foot. With Wild Bay’s weight now removed from the equation, the stocks slammed back to the ground and he collapsed in a bleeding heap. I very delicately crept towards him, slipped off the blindfold and he struggled to his feet. Now we did have a problem. It took general anesthesia to knock him down and suture the new laceration on his foot, a second anesthesia to change the bandage a week later, followed by a third to remove the sutures at week three. Here is why I told you about Wild Bay.

Just like with horses, politicians frequently blindfold voters so as to hide the needle pricks. Remove your blindfolds and look at this: For 2012, President Obama has budgeted $2.477 trillion for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal pensions, and interest on our national debt. Termed entitlements, this category alone consumes nearly 100 percent of the $2.5 trillion we collect in taxes. The second category of federal spending termed discretionary, is subdivided into columns of defense ($0.868 trillion) and nondefense ($0.45 trillion). This means after entitlement spending, we are operating entirely on borrowed money. Think about it. All government spending you see in everyday life is money borrowed from China with the debt dumped on our grandchildren. This is insane, unless you do not care much for your grandchildren.

Our economic situation is critical, but not hopeless and here is why. In his GOP acceptance speech, Mitt Romney said under his leadership, by 2020 America would become energy independent through the development of our natural resources. If he means under his administration, the EPA will abandon carbon and haze regulations and the federal government quits redistributing tax dollars into failing green energy companies, ethanol production, wind generators, and Chevy Volts, then America is poised for the greatest economic recovery in history. Developing the vast natural resources God has gifted us could double treasury revenues due to new self-sustaining jobs. Suddenly, with $5 trillion in income, it is possible to both save Social Security and Medicare, plus pay down our debt. Contrast this with the progressive plan to solve our woes with Obamacare; a program entirely on the expense side of the equation. It is not coincidence the cost for universal health care does not rear its ugly head until after the 2012 elections. Without a blindfold, the difference between these plans is obvious.

Here is why you are hearing this from a lowly Montana legislator. The vast coal, oil and natural gas reserves in our Treasure State means Montana can lead America’s drive for energy independence. Progressives will attempt to block our coal trains, halt fracking, and increase regulation, so my job in Helena is to obstruct the left. I can do that. All I need to do is strap this towel across their eyes, slap on a twitch and they won’t feel a thing.

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