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The Blind Eye

While usually a Christmas tradition, on Easter Sunday I hitched and drove my mule team. After a couple months layoff, I expected a few shenanigans, but they actually worked quite well. Once I unbridled the team, both mules snorted and spooked at the wagon they had been dragging for the previous hour, thus proving the effectiveness of the blinders limiting their rear vision. Unable to see clearly, my mules had dutifully strained into their collars; the exact deception progressives perpetuate on a similarly blind populace. The recent events at Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana are a perfect example of the force the ruling class will resort to when blinders alone are insufficient to advance their agenda.

In case you missed the story, a progressive news team specializing in gotcha-journalism discovered and invaded a little known pizzeria whose walls were adorned with crucifixes and Bible verses. Cornering Crystal, the young daughter of the owner, the news anchor created a fictitious question of a gay couple seeking the catering services of Memories Pizza for their wedding reception. Being a devout Christian, Crystal honestly speculated such a celebration violates her religious beliefs, so she would most likely decline the business. Reserving the right to refuse service is commonplace in the free-market, but this question was a tripwire and the trap snapped tight around Crystal’s neck. She should have quietly walked away.

A couple months ago, I too rejected a business transaction after a new client verbally thrashed my receptionist, me and my practice all before filling out the client information sheet. Apparently accustomed to receiving the princess treatment after abusing others, her mouth fell open when I put her cat back in its carrier, pointed to the door and said we would not work for her. The staff cheered after she left. Life is short—way too short to work for jerks. To this day, I have no idea as to the sexual orientation of the nasty lady, which could have been the pivotal question had this incident happened in Indiana. The veterinarian / client / patient relationship is not a covenantal one described in the Holy Scriptures, so there was no hysterical media in my reception room and I quietly returned to my morning duties. Crystal was not so lucky.

The state run media was looking to crucify a Christian in response to Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Act and young Crystal was an easy sacrifice to nail to the cross. Using a technique taught by Pontus Pilate, ruling class activists reflexively launched into a full-bore flogging of Crystal. Jess Dooley, the head coach of the golf team at nearby Concord High School tweeted, “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza with me?” There was a time when such threats would not be tolerated, but today violence and intimidation are commonly used to remove Christianity from the American culture. A massive, all knowing, controlling and providing central government is the idolatrous god of the ruling class. Christians such as Crystal and her father, Kevin, are merely collateral damage in the bigger war to advance collectivism.

America’s leftists hate Christians with an intensity rational people will never understand. Operating on the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” the ruling class ignores the Islamic abuse of women, homosexuals and Jews because the terrorists also hate Christians. Just last week, 147 college students in Kenya were executed simply for being Christians. Across the Middle East, ISIS terrorists are destroying century old artifacts associated with the early years of Christianity and Judaism. So what does President Obama and his statist minions do? They provide Iran with a path to a nuclear weapon turning a blind eye to true evil. Had enough yet, or will you wait until it is you the progressives nail to the cross?


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