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The Big Lie

My job was simple; draw blood, administer a couple vaccinations, sign a health certificate and the rebellious, 11-year-old, barely halter-broken Arab stud would be on his way to his new home in Vermont. Collecting blood requires the greatest coordination between veterinarian and patient, so I did it first. I slowly approached Music Man’s left jugular vein and slipped a 20 gauge bleeding needle into his neck. He snorted, tossed his head and jumped sideways. I watched the blood slowly drip from the needle before stepping closer and cautiously filling a clot tube. It was horse versus veterinarian, I was ahead one to nothing, so I carefully carried the prized blood sample to my pickup.

When I returned to give the immunizations, Music Man and this skinny vet were no longer friends. We circled around the pen and every time I touched his neck he would try to bite me. I tightened the needles onto the syringes knowing my best bet was to blast these vaccines IH, (intra-horse.) I eased within arm’s reach and in one swoop I popped the needle and syringe contents into his neck muscles. The score was two to zero. A couple circles later, I injected the second vaccination and with my mission accomplished without being bitten, kicked, struck or stomped, I won three to zip.

Being a veterinarian sounds unpredictably dangerous, but it is a cake walk compared to politics because animals are entirely honest. Music Man had no use for me and told me such in the beginning. Politicians, on the other hand, lie. (Because I am not a politician, I do not mind revealing their secrets.) Here is the big lie politicians hope voters never discover.

Since Woodrow Wilson, progressives have deceptively claimed they are champions of the poor. In reality, their programs never help the afflicted out of poverty, they keep them there and the perfect example is Social Security. Every election, liberals say conservatives want to reduce this program, so the very people enslaved by it, reflexively stampede to the ballot box. The left knows a fiscally unsound Social Security program is too valuable a political football to ever fix, so they never fix it. Obviously, this will not continue forever.

Look at France; the socialist democracy President Obama says America should emulate. France is bankrupt and about to plunge into the abyss behind Greece. Predictably, the suggestion of austere cuts is eliciting outrage from French citizens accustomed to living on the bounty from others. Socialist French President Francois Hollande is proposing a 75 percent income tax on Frenchman earning over $1.24 million annually claiming it is patriotic to “pay extra tax to get the country back on its feet.” (Does this sound familiar?) Can you spot the lie?

Less than 30,000 French citizens will be taxed, so even at a 100 percent tax rate, the money generated is a mere drop in their debt bucket and French officials admit the tax increase will help nothing. (Do the math.) President Hollande is perpetuating the class warfare myth the rich are not paying their fair share. By slapping them first, French freeloaders may be more receptive to the program cuts which will come next.

The truth be told, most of the money in France and America is in the middle class and even if government took every penny from both the middle class and the rich, they still could not steal enough to balance the budget plus continue giving away free stuff. This is the big, political lie. Stealing from others is still theft even if it is sanctioned by government. I have no more right to the wealth you have earned, than you do to mine.

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