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Teach them a Lesson?

“Whew, that was close,” I sighed after watching a mishap which could have cost a five-year-old boy his life. It was the mid ‘90s, and I was playing cowboy polo twice a week with the Miller and McMillen clans. Because it was a family event, most horse trailers arrived with a cavy of ponies and the mini-cowboys too small to swing a mallet spent the evening galloping and grab-assin’ around the polo grounds. My redneck logic taught me Tuesday and Thursday night polo practices with my children were the perfect way to strengthen the great American family.
The sun was setting when we finished practice and most of the dads were back at their trailers unsaddling sweaty horses. Like usual, the kids had not quite ridden their fill, so were still horsing around. Bobby was standing outside the back of his open trailer, when his five-year-old son, Clayton, trotted up on Bill, his tall sorrel horse. Bill spotted the open trailer and figured it was time to go home, so he lunged into the trailer. Like a cat pouncing on a mouse, Bobby spotted the impending crushing and he grabbed Clayton by the back of his shirt jerking him free just as the saddle disappeared under the roof of the trailer. As is characteristic of the Millers, the subsequent hollering between father and son was music to my ears; it could have been screams of agony. Clayton dodged the bullet and this brings me to my point.
Today’s message is directed towards Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and loyal Ron Paul supporters. I know you are disgusted with the high number of liberal Republicans holding hands with the Democrats while they skip down the bipartisan yellow-brick road leading right off the Marxist cliff. So am I, but now is not the time to teach them a lesson. The polls say you control America’s destiny. The candidates you philosophically support cannot win, but your well-intended, yet misplaced vote, may have a permanent impact by indirectly electing those diametrically opposed to freedom. Please swallow your pride and help me advance liberty.
If successful, this will be my last term. There are around 30 of us in Montana’s House and 15 or so in the Senate who hold true to our oath of office to “support, protect and defend the Constitution.” We can get freedom legislation to the governor’s desk, but just like Governor Schweitzer, Steve Bullock will veto every piece of it. I may be uncertain of Rick Hill’s core beliefs, but I know those of his running mate, Jon Sonju, and with them controlling Montana’s executive branch, I will have an opportunity to sway them to the political right. I am not going to Helena to run for Miss Congeniality. I just want to be free.
Figuratively, I have beaten Obamacare to death in this column, but it is still alive and remains freedom’s greatest threat. If it is ever fully implemented, America and the values we cherish are gone forever and forever is a very long time. Our republic’s only chance at survival is with President Romney, Senator Rehberg, Congressman Daines, and Governor Hill. Fellow patriots, this is do-or-die time.
Bobby could have let Clayton get crushed in the trailer just to teach him a lesson, but of what sense was that? You cannot have perfect, so elect candidates closest to your ideology and then melt their switchboards with your speed dial once they are sworn into office. Fight or get out of the way of those of us who refuse to let liberty die.

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