Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor


Step by Step

“I will hook up a five liter bag of IV fluids, but this horse must go to another hospital for colic surgery.” Dr. Bodner explained. “He could drop dead at any moment.”

Before John placed the period at the end of his sentence, the gelding exploded in a death panic. He glanced off the metal panels and plowed through the small opening leading from the large animal treatment room into the grooming area. Tables, clippers, scissors, and brushes ricocheted around the small room while the horse flailed uncontrollably before collapsing in a heap. What began as a simple appointment of a horse with a belly ache, suddenly became complicated. Extracting an eleven hundred pound dead horse back over the 32 circuitous feet from the grooming room through the treatment room to the nearest door would be an ominous task. Let’s leave Dr. Bodner with his dilemma and jump to a similar predicament which happened this winter in Colorado.

The “Washington Post” reported two Air Force Academy cadets snow showed into an old ranger cabin and found the frozen carcasses of six dead cows trapped inside. Due to the eco-sensitive nature of being in the Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness area, US Forest Service officials are considering three options: One, use explosives to break up the cows. Two, burn down the cabin. Three, helicopter the carcasses out. Each solution is quirky by itself, but I will bet they will begin with option one, which will quickly ignite into option two, which will then default to option three to clean up the remnants. If you get the feeling correcting this mishap could get expensive, we have arrived at my point.

Compared to the private sector, big government is inherently inefficient and expensive. Ruling class advocates for an intrusive federal government claim our problems are caused by government being too small so they expand it at every opportunity. Here are two examples: Medicare and Medicaid effectively removed free market influences from health care delivery and costs subsequently sky rocketed, yet they demand more control via Obamacare. Similarly, by eliminating coal generating plants, the cheapest source of electricity, the EPA is about to drive the cost of energy to heights similar to health care. Predictably, they promote and will force more expensive and unreliable wind generation as an alternative. This is wrong. When government is so small you barely know it exists, is when various commodities becomes both affordable and available.

To close the loop, Dr. Bodner removed the horse carcass, step by step, one manageable piece at a time. There were no explosives, fire, or helicopters, nor did he seek the permission or counsel of any government agency…oh, and it did not cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Such is how life operates in the private sector.

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