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Simple Political Cliff Notes

Americans hold elected officials to unbelievably low standards. After years of observation from both inside and outside the political arena, I conclude voters choose party affiliation based on 30 second sound bites rather than sifting through the filthy details. As I make my living with my left arm elbow deep in cow manure, I am a bit of an expert at sorting sh_ _ from Shinola, so let me clarify the political picture. I will warn you right now, many folks will find today’s column a cold slap across the face, which is precisely my intent. Here we go.

The beginning of January marks the swearing-in ceremony for nearly all elected officials from local government down through folks serving in the lowly offices at the federal level. All raise their right hand and recite an oath of office pledging their allegiance to the US Constitution along with their respective state constitutions ending with, “so help me God.” Before the end of February nearly every member of one political party will have cast nearly 100 percent of their votes in complete opposition to their oath, yet their supporters do not find this objectionable. Progressives advocate Marxist wealth redistribution but their sound bite promoting themselves as being for poor people sounds too wonderful for the unwashed and college graduates to ignore. Coveting your neighbor’s stuff is infectious and addicting, but it is so wrong it made God’s top ten list of things you shall not do. Progressivism survives on covetousness and misinformation.

The second political party is comprised of two divisions: First, Tea Party patriots fully committed to limited government and second, establishment politicians fully committed to compromise. This second group, I call the cocktail caucus, will support any and every program as long as it secures their re-election. Their mantra is they can waste tax dollars more efficiently than the Progressives and they love big government as long as they get to drive the bus delivering the freebies. Fifty percent of the votes they cast will be contrary to their oath of office; a fact hidden through misinformation.

The last group, the Tea Party patriots, are the outliers who actually adhere to their oath. Most have real jobs outside of politics and like Jefferson and Washington, they answer the call to serve their country, after which they just want to go home. Most were elected by voters astute enough to realize 18 trillion dollars of debt with no end in sight is destroying our republic. On the political battlefield, the Progressives and the cocktail caucus despise the Tea Party with equal fervor. Both will use all available means to defeat Tea Partiers so as each can reclaim membership in the ruling class; an authority achieved by trapping the unwashed in the dependency class. As the 2015 legislative and congressional sessions unfold, keep the above truths in mind to clarify who is doing what and why.

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