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Searching for the Truth

Consider this. Unless you live deep in the Missouri Breaks, a place so remote and rugged it is impermeable to AM radio waves, you likely have been riveted to news accounts about the missing Malaysian airliner, flight MH370. The scuttlebutt holds the Boeing 777 left Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing at 11:40 pm on March 8th. One hour into the flight, as the aircraft was leaving Malaysian air control; the copilot acknowledged the change of frequency approval and signed off with a customary “good night.” Over the next five hours, their transponder was turned off or failed; the plane reversed headings, and climbed to 45,000 feet before descending and dropping off the radar screen.

For 16 days, every media outlet has interviewed any aviation expert willing to step in front of a camera to offer a different theory concerning the fate of flight 370. As the search continued, tidbits of data pinged the radar screen only to be dismissed later as erroneous or inconclusive.

For example, the reports of passenger’s cell phone activity along with the pilot’s personal flight simulator data supported the theory the airliner had been commandeered by terrorists and flown to Pakistan where it would be loaded with explosives. Israel gave credence to this story and placed its air defense forces on heightened alert status. Movie producers salivated at the thought of Israel being forced to shoot down a Boeing 777 loaded with innocent passengers and explosives in the skies over Tel Aviv. However, strikingly absent of MH370 being the victim of a terrorist attack, was the lack of any group claiming responsibility; something every fringe group with a beard, an AK-47 and GoPro yearns to do.

Pilot or copilot suicide stories still have life, but because I am a pilot who has suffered Supercub-butt-syndrome, torturing one’s self with seven hours in a cramped cockpit prior to lawn-darting into the Indian Ocean seems illogical. It is like suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but first shooting yourself in your ankle. Why not crash into the first mountain outside of Kuala Lumpur?

Here is my theory; one never discussed on any cable network because it blipped across my mental radar screen while on an early morning run. Flight MH370 will never be found because it never existed; the entire story was a fabrication. Re-read that sentence and let it soak in because I am going to leave you hanging for a moment while I appear to change subjects.

God created mankind with an inalienable yearning to be free; the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is how Jefferson phrased it in our Declaration of Independence. As such, people will never knowingly or willingly submit to the slavery of Marxism, yet these master / slave governments exists worldwide and here is how. Totalitarianism is instituted through deceit or force with the former being the primary tool used by the ruling class to enslave the masses in America. For example, citizens of these United States would never choose government assisted suicide and death panels, yet they swallowed both of these hidden within the illusion Obamacare will provide healthcare to the uninsured. In recent testimony before the US Supreme Court in Hobby Lobby v Sebelius, the Solicitor General testified Obamacare grants government the authority to mandate abortions. Pro-life Democrats across the hinterlands best be on their knees begging the Almighty for mercy about this mistake because it is a dandy. I wish only those who believed the lies would suffer the consequences of collectivism, but by the definition of totalitarianism we will all go down together.

This leaves the second and most obvious method of instituting Marxism; doing so down the barrel of a gun. The Russian invasion of the Crimea region of the Ukraine is frighteningly similar to Germany’s invasion of eastern European nations prior to World War II. Interestingly, Russia doubled down on their use of force with a lie by also staging an election showing 97 percent of Crimeans voting to cleave their allegiance with Ukraine and join Russia. This brings me to my earlier point about the missing Boeing 777. Is it possible the disappearance of MH370 was a fictitious diversion created by evil forces to bump the Russian invasion of Ukraine off the front pages? If so, it was brilliant and the entire world fell for it. Certainly my disappearance theory stretches the reality envelope, but I suggest you train yourself to be skeptical of anything advanced by any government especially when the ruling class benefits if you believe them. Should I bring up the carbon tax and climate change lie, or are you starting to get the picture?

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