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Rule 13

After hopscotching between Montana and North Dakota, Meagan, my oldest, and her clan of mini-Kimmels put roots down in Great Falls. Finding a rental house for a large family is challenging, but prior to their move Tim scoured several Great Falls neighborhoods and scored a nice one within minutes of a “For Rent” sign appearing in one front yard. The house was in a new subdivision and it appears to have been built on a bed of clay because foundation cracks, heaves and sinks became common place over the years they lived there. Apparently, Tim had made off-hand remarks about being glad the settling problem was not his as it was a rental. His words popped up later when Mae, their six-year-old, violated some family rule. Mom delivered an academy award winning lecture about integrity, family and honesty and she closed her riveting diatribe by asking Mae, “Now, why don’t we lie in this house?”

Mae thought hard before seriously answering, “Because it’s a rental?” Meagan choked back a chuckle and tried to think of a different way to make her point. Some issues are too important to skim without being certain the lesson has been learned. This is especially true in politics because leftists utilize confusion and catchy sound-bites so voters never learn their hidden agenda. As such, I need to make another run at a point I made several months ago. If the dangerous Dark Money Initiative, I-168, makes the ballot and slips past unsuspecting voters, Montana will be controlled by progressive radicals for the rest of my life. Here is why.

Business owners tend to be conservative and they voluntarily enter the political arena only after exhausting all possible excuses to not do so. Everything they own is placed at risk and they know they will receive relentless, unmerciful attacks the instant they express political beliefs contrary to progressivism. According to Rule 13 of Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky advises activists to pick a target, freeze it, personalize it and then polarize it; suggesting it is easier to attack and destroy people rather than institutions. The most recent example of Rule 13 in action is the ceaseless media attacks of Governor Chris Christie. The success of his destruction was evident in his swearing-in speech where his “working together” theme equated to the grade school rule of crying “uncle.” Now leftists will increase the attacks thereby rendering him a useless has been. Had Governor Christie owned a successful business prior to entering politics, his name, his brand and his business would be forever tainted because of Rule 13. Politics is a blood sport.

Rule 13 is never used by conservatives to attack progressives for two reasons. First, leftists tend to not be entrepreneur business owners, so they place nothing at risk by being an extremist. Most are either spoiled trust funders protected by secure family fortunes, or community organizers being paid by non-profits to be activists. Second, conservatives, especially Christian conservatives, mold their lives after the Golden Rule rather than Rule 13. Rather than fight in the public spotlight with leftist extremists hell-bent on personally destroying them, the successful prefer to remain in the shadows and fund groups advancing America’s founding principles. From personal experience, they know it is liberty, not subsidy, which affords the greatest opportunity for the poor and middle class to garner wealth; something they truly desire. This is good.

Senate Bill 375, the Montana 2013 legislative version of the Dark Money Initiative, originated from Governor Bullock’s office and was introduced by a liberal Republican Senator. After a thorough hearing and examination it was tabled by the Senate Judiciary Committee, only to be forced back into consideration thanks to the 9 liberal Republican Senators voting with all the Senate Democrats. The House Judiciary Committee studied SB375 and tabled it as well. Fifteen liberal House Republicans joined with every House Democrat to blast the bill back to the floor. They fell five votes short. Do you see the pattern? The only thing preventing the left from garnering total control of your life is a handful of Christian, conservative, patriots in every state legislature and Washington DC. Many may or may not have been elected into office had it not been for a successful American businessman writing an check to a liberty group but choosing to do so anonymously so as to avoid the extremists attacks from Rule 13. The Dark Money Initiative is a brilliant, but intrinsically evil euphemism. If you value your freedom you must reject I-168.

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