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Really, Really White Privilege

During President George H.W. Bush’s 1992 re-election campaign a news clip showed his surprise while seeing his first grocery checkout scanner. The media had a giggle fest looping the video as it perfectly advanced the state sponsored template portraying him as rich and aloof. Presidents and vice-presidents rarely drop by the local IGA for milk and eggs, so it is understandable this advancement slipped his notice during his twelve year White House tenure.

I thought of this a few mornings back when I discovered something equally spectacular. If I publically confess my amazement now, the incident will be old news should I someday run for president. Many people might already be aware of the tidbit I found earth-shattering, but there has to be someone who finds this revelation equally surprising, so I am falling on my sword so they do not have to. Here is the story.

The trophy wife, my friend Tim and I were running before sunrise Tuesday and because it was a balmy 66 degrees, I was shirtless; my tradition celebrating freedom from all the clothing layers worn on my many below-zero winter runs. As we plodded along, Druann steered the conversation towards her travel with friends to a funeral the day before. Collette was hauling them in her new SUV and she remarked her first fuel stops were frustrating until she learned modern fuel gauges contain an arrow pointing to the side with the filler cap. Neither the trophy wife nor I knew such an arrow existed, but Tim did. I didn’t believe it, so we trotted into a nearby parking lot and began peering into parked cars; a maneuver which might have appeared nefarious to onlookers. Had a concerned citizen called 9-1-1, I could imagine police dispatch broadcasting all officers to be on the lookout for “a medium height female, short male and a skinny, really, really, white guy leading a border collie.” I’m a cowboy from Irish ancestry, so my tan needs some work.

Leftists will claim my point proves white privilege; insisting had I been a runner of color in downtown Baltimore, the police would have certainly detained and interrogated me and my Apple Dumpling Gang. They are wrong. White privilege is a trendy, misleading, racist catch phrase the ruling class uses to coerce submission from the little people. To counteract this mythical white privilege in America, the Pacific Educational Group recently instructed government schools to use a two tiered system of discipline with harsh punishments reserved for the whitest students and verbal counseling for students of color. This a far cry from Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of America judging his children “not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.” Progressives instantly label by race and here is why.

Blaming one’s lot in life on white privilege diverts responsibility from where it properly belongs and forever traps said subject in bondage. Eventually, the downtrodden passively submit and blindly support an all-powerful government as the true god to correct this imaginary injustice called white privilege. It is a trap. Never forget, it took less than three generations for America’s Indian nations to trade freedom for dependency. They were step one. After 50 years of President Johnson’s Great Society programs, inner-city minorities are as hopelessly trapped as the Indians. They were step two. With 50 million Americans living on food assistance, it is obvious to see who is step three. It is not racism or white privilege which perpetuates misery, crime and poverty, it is progressivism. Reject it.

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