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Purposely Stupid

Last week, protestors gathered on Montana Rail Link property in Helena advancing the state sponsored lie man’s carbon emissions cause climate change. Carrying signage warning of imaginative dangers with no factual basis, they screamed coal dust from trains was a health risk to innocent bystanders plus burning Montana coal in China would make our Treasure State a desert state. Where do I begin? Even though, Mark Twain warned it is easier to fool someone, than convince them they have been fooled, I will try. Call me stupid.
With respect to the Helena protestors, time has proven the theory tying man’s carbon emissions to climate change is fatally flawed. If you hypothesize the raising of A will elevate B, then it must happen each and every time. In science there is no maybe. When A rises and B does nothing it is not because B was waiting in the convenience store checkout line and missed the cue; the causative relationship does not exist. UN IPCC members are frantically spinning data to explain away why in spite of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, the polar ice caps are growing to record size with no significant global warming. The climate alarmist’s base hypothesis is bunk, but they advance it for the selfish reason a river of research dollars flows to climatologists who advance the state sponsored theory. Their minions bitterly cling to the myth because it is all they know and here is why.
In a totalitarian state, government maintains power not through the aggressive use of force, but through the judicious application of ignorance. By denying knowledge, the masses can be indoctrinated to not only accept, but even demand restrictions levied by the ruling class. When the state convinces the citizenry an impending catastrophe can only be avoided by raising taxes or increasing regulations the battle is over. Forced ignorance is the opiate of liberalism and sadly, in 2013, America is addicted to stupid. Climate change prophet Al Gore is amassing enormous wealth evangelizing environmentalism. When any activist advances a preposterous theory have the sense of mind to ask yourself, “How will they benefit if I believe them?” Do not fall victim to stupid.

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