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Political Science 501

Freshman level college classes typically are identified by numbers beginning in the 100s. For example, an entry level chemistry class would be designated General Chemistry 101. Similarly, sophomore classes began in the 200s, junior level in the 300s and senior studies in the 400s. The University of Wyoming is an outlier and in 1975, freshman level classes began in the 300s. I suspect this was because in the 1970s most graduates of Wyoming high schools were of such superior intellect they had a two year jump on everyone else, so it made sense to start with tier three studies. (I just love making the America haters scream.) At this instant somewhere in a Starbucks some unemployed, Ivy League liberal arts graduate buried in thousands of dollars of student loan debt just spilled their late` purchased with the dwindling resources remaining on their EBT card. So as not to lose them, I will use terminology with which they are most familiar.

Today’s column, Political Science 501, contains graduate level thought seemingly contrary to teachings of the ruling class. Ronald Reagan said “It’s not that my liberal friends are ignorant, it’s just that so much of what they know to be true just isn’t so.” Let me tell you what is true. Political scientists argue elections are won by capturing the votes in the middle of the spectrum. Their logic being right-wingers always vote right while left-wingers vote left, so ultimately it is the handful of independent voters in the middle who decide every election. This theory appears logical and is so commonly accepted it has reached the plateau of being considered conventional wisdom. It is also wrong; dead wrong and it is the intentional illusion keeping progressives in control of the political process.

No free people would ever embrace liberalism, progressivism, or Marxism; chose your favorite moniker because all three are the same. During my four sessions in Montana’s House, leftists were in the minority three times and managed a 50-50 split in 2009. Yet, in spite of their minority numbers, the progressives set the agenda every session because the timid liberal Republicans sought the support of this mythical, middle of the road group of independents by voting like Democrats. This exact thing happens in Congress.

I am proof positive elected officials do not need to collapse to the middle to garner support. I launched my first campaign expressing my conservative beliefs in this column in 2006 and after eight years I have yet to moderate my views, mostly because they are right. To write something other than what I know to be true would be pandering. I was elected by three votes in 2006, 26 votes in 2008, 961 votes in 2010 and then 796 in 2012 all while voting in a manner consistent with my oath of office to support protect and defend the Constitution. Politicians who collapse to the center should be disqualified for positions requiring principled leadership. This concludes Political Science 501.

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