Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor


Please Step Forward

After thirty years of pregnancy checking cows and three terms in the Montana legislature, I am amazed and frightened by the similarity between the two. Let me explain.

Properly designed corrals provide the cow a path where she would naturally wander. For example, the quiet disappearance of the lead cow around the bend of a blind alley makes the second cow think her herd mates are escaping. Repeated blind corners slowly lead the cow to a metal squeeze chute. A couple needle pokes, a splash of medication down her back, and a quick pregnancy probing by a skinny-armed veterinarian, and she steps out of the cage no worse for the wear. Life is good.

In politics, shiny free-stuff is dangled before the voters with recorded messages blaring “vote for me and I will bring you trinkets from the treasury.” The goodies may vary from universal health care, to more money for education, to the perception of cleaner air and water, but they all rely on man’s greedy attraction to the bounty earned through the sweat of others. No longer focused on freedom, Americans have become mesmerized by free-stuff; Obamacare being the perfect example.

Figuratively, Obamacare is a masterfully designed cattle handling facility where cows, that is us, dutifully march oblivious to the fatal truth around the final corner. Climb up on the alley walkway and I will explain Obamacare, because when viewed from above this confusing atrocity becomes terrifyingly clear.

Step one is where Americans are herded into the first holding pen under the guise our medical system is inferior to the socialized systems in Europe, Canada and Cuba. Such begins the deception.

Step two, the ruling class chum the masses into the crowding tub with the message 30 million Americans do not have health insurance. The controllers never make the distinction between health insurance and health care and use the terms interchangeably. In reality, every American receives health care under our current system, but this is kept a secret. Please the note the eight-foot tall crowding tub panels are solid metal so the cow / subjects can only see in the direction rulers want them to march.

Step three, the little people are funneled single-file into the double S-curve alley by convincing them the ruling elite can expand health care coverage and cheapen its cost simply by letting them run it. (Please do not chuckle, it scares the cows.) Propaganda phrases trumpeting free health screenings and mandated coverage are painted on the tub walls and broadcast over the speakers enticing the subjects to enter in the alleyway—a long tunnel with no escape.

Steps four, five, six, and seven are a series of alley-way, automatic, cow-stops which spring behind each critter forcing them forward. This is where the subjects learn of the 3.8 percent tax on home sales and the monthly Medicare premium jumping from $104.20 in 2012 to $247.00 in 2014. (Amazingly, these folks swallowed the line this was free health care.) Now, it is too late.

Once around the final corner and in the squeeze chute, the compassionate doctors of the IRS explain death panels and how it is best to follow doctor’s orders. Life is good…albeit short and painful for those who do not comply.

Addressing this again may seem like I am beating a dead horse, but Obamacare is the single greatest threat our American republic has ever faced. All other issues become meaningless once government steals control over our health. Every candidate at every level who supports Obamacare must be defeated on November 6th.

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