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Occupy Pyror Creek

Last Saturday I was on Pryor Creek preg-checking cows for my buddy, Steve. This year was different because his youngest, Caleb, now bigger than his dad, provided the muscle to run the head catch. He did a great job. Chelsea, the oldest, has run a vaccine gun for years, and both have seen hundreds of daybreaks from the back of a horse, so ranch kids working cattle is not unusual…at least for the moment. The Department of Labor is proposing rules prohibiting Chelsea and Caleb from doing what they have done since they were big enough to hold the reins. To the hope and changers of big government, our youth are better molded by video games, Twitter and Facebook than the sweat earned running a post bar, squeeze chute or hoof rasp. (This rule is open for public comment, but don’t waste your time. Government always knows what is best, so the decision has been made.)

To get a glimpse of big government’s new America, compare Caleb and Chelsea eagerly attacking their chute side chores to the disgruntled city kids back east protesting how the world economic collapse could snap the supply chain of their government freebies. Called Occupiers on Wall Street, the demonstrators mostly want your wallet. I think one summer occupying the hayfields on Pryor Creek or a winter occupying the oil fields of North Dakota might change their perspective. You can’t fix stupid, but long hours and sweaty saddle blankets does have the shocking therapeutic effect of revealing life is really not about you and all the goodies to which you feel entitled. Unfortunately, lacking this foundation of hard labor, the years of indoctrination in taxpayer funded universities has permanently twisted the Occupiers’ logic. To them, we producers must get by with less so they can receive all they want while doing absolutely nothing—all day long, day after day after day. Life is so rosy when you are delusional.

The White House, Representative Pelosi, former Vice President Al Gore, the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA have all publicly supported the Occupiers, and view them as the political left’s equivalent of the right’s Tea Party movement. They are wrong and this is just another swing and a miss for the failing political ideology of social justice. The Tea Partiers are driven by a patriotic love of country and the yearning to return to the constitutional principles upon which our republic was founded. The Occupiers, desirous of a new America where the force of government redistributes all wealth, are nothing more than useful idiots—simple pawns blindly serving their manipulators. From the prohibition of ranch kids learning by the sweat of their brow, to green energy scams, to nationalized health care, to the taking of property without compensation, America is reaching the apex of a conflict years in the making.

In 1913, the “Sixteenth Amendment” introduced our republic to the Marxist wealth redistributive technique of the progressive income tax. Just because you are smarter, work harder or longer, being penalized by a higher percentage tax penalty defies logic, so logic has simply been removed from the equation. The masses are much easier to subdue when they are ignorant.

Interestingly and very timely, presidential candidate Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Tax Plan contradicts the teachings of Marx, so the left is viciously attacking him. For now, ignore the percentage and direct your attention to the concept of taxing the incomes of all Americans at the same rate—exactly as our founders designed and as was the case for the 125 years from 1788 to 1913. This decapitates the incentive to elect officials who promise constituents the greatest goodies from the treasury paid by someone else; something the framers of our constitution feared. The 9-9-9 Tax Plan could be the death nail in the coffin of Marxism so don’t expect the Occupiers to give-up easily. When push comes to shove, something the Occupiers threaten, will you stand for liberty or do you feel entitled to the bounty earned by the sweat of others?

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