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Naked in the Street

Do you remember your first car? Mine was an uncomfortable, anemic, gas-guzzling, 1973 Vega station wagon. Even after carefully applying a K-Mart, self-adhesive, black racing stripe from front bumper to the rear, it was not exactly sporty. Troy, on the other hand, had a trophy car. It was a flashy, purple, ’71 Dodge Charger and because he washed and waxed like it was his girlfriend, it was his girlfriend. Troy parked his Dodge on the side street outside his house directly behind my veterinary clinic, and one afternoon, a Montana wind forced him to choose between his dignity and his girlfriend. His dignity blew away and he told me this story never realizing it might someday appear in print.
After opening my clinic and placing a thousand dollar dog food order, Science Diet sent me this free, three by four, metal road side sign. For a year or so, the sign swung back and forth with the wind slowly wearing its suspending eyelets dangerously thin. On the day of record, Troy had just stepped out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel, when he looked out his window to see a gust of wind tear our dog food sign free from its eye-bolts and start it cartwheeling down the road. He paused for a second, before calculating the sign was perfectly aimed at the front bumper of his Charger. Experts advise one should not panic in the time of crisis, but this was a dang good time to panic. Troy did.
Tightening the towel around his waist with both hands, Troy kicked open his kitchen door and exploded out into the yard. In two giant leaps, Troy landed in front of his car and intercepted the sign milliseconds before it would have slashed his girl across her fender. He exhaled a sigh of relief the instant a second gust of wind swept down the street encouraging the sign to strain against Troy’s grip. For two seconds it was a gut wrenching battle between man and road sign, and Troy struggled with the strength of a dozen gladiators. Thinking the sign was near surrender, Troy relaxed the instant a third gust of wind stripped him of his towel and sent it flying towards North Dakota. Just like everyone’s recurring nightmare, now our hero was standing completely naked in the middle of the street, in broad daylight. He bent the sign around his midsection before sprinting back into his house and this brings me to my point.
Embarrassing global warming data has been published and progressive global warming prophets, who have been lining their pockets promoting this scam, are now left naked, standing in the middle of the street, if the public cares to accept the truth. Sadly, with respect to man caused global warming, so many people have accepted the lie as the truth, the lie has become the truth and it is the truth which is viewed with skepticism. Go figure.
This October, the United Kingdom’s Meteorological Office reluctantly published data from 3,000 worldwide measuring points revealing global warming actually stopped 16 years ago. Because this occurred in spite of man’s increased carbon emissions, Professor Judith Curry, the head of Georgia Tech’s climate science department, dismissed the computer models progressives used to predict global warming as being “deeply flawed.” This is the politically correct way of saying they are a fraud.
Unlike Troy who had nothing but the sign to cover his dignity, progressives are clamoring to cover their nakedness in any way possible. Most will plow forward and ignore the contradictory data as this technique has worked so well in the past. Let’s look at what this fraud has cost in just the last four years.
Everyone knows the solar panel company, Solyndra, went bankrupt. Do you realize there are 35 other green companies who tucked 3.552 billion stimulus dollars in their wallets and either snuck out the bankruptcy exit, or are working their way towards it? This entire climate change, green energy scheme is a scientific and economic hoax, so patriots must dispose of its elected advocates this election cycle before it leaves us naked in the street.

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