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Muddy Water

I had my best drink of water when I was five. My older brother, Dana, and I were helping Dad trail cows to a fresh pasture, or as fresh as pastures were in July on the alkali flats east of Ingomar. It seemed like I had been in the saddle all day and I was hot and thirsty when suddenly our leads hit a reservoir. Within seconds, the cows were frolicking belly deep in the muddy water. Dad sensed a mutiny in his thirsty cowboy crew, so he told us to swing off our horses. (Saying "swing off" makes it sound like we were tall enough to reach the stirrups and could actually swing off. Dana rode an old hand-me-down saddle with stirrups 12 inches longer than his inseam and I rode a bareback pad which never had stirrups, so rather than swing, we plopped to the ground.) We silently stared at the reservoir full of cows and muddy water and wondered if we were thirsty enough to drink the sludge.

Dad took off his boots and waded in to his knees. He motioned us to join him and one at a time we crawled onto his back while he swam us out to the middle of the reservoir for a drink of clear water. The cows did not purposely stir up the mud, so I hold no ill-will against them. Politicians, however, intentionally muddy up the water to manipulate voters which is today's point.

Here are two Americans truths which have been muddied over the years. Number one, our rights come from God just as Thomas Jefferson stated in our Declaration of Independence. Prior to 1776, the conventional wisdom held basic rights came from kings and thus could be granted or taken away at the whims of rulers. Jefferson's premise of Divine rights means one man does not have the right to rule another and 50,000 patriots spilled blood just to prove such. Number two, our founders instituted a constitutional republic purposely limiting the power of the federal government. With our Constitution being the supreme law of the land, a simple majority vote could not revoke the natural, God given rights of a lone citizen. Mob rule has no place in America.

Progressives abhor these constitutional limitations because it hinders their ability to give away free stuff; the narcotic of Marxism. They avoid these restrictions by doing two things: First, deny the existence of natural rights. Once God is removed from the equation, it is easy to fool the masses into thinking their rights come from government. Second, mislead the public into believing we are a democracy where majority rule magically grants legitimacy to any newly created right. Sadly, this is happening today.

The right to self-defense; to protect ourselves, our families, and our friends, is a natural right and the Second Amendment prohibits government from infringing on this right. This is clear and simple. However, to fully advance Marxism, progressives must get firearms out of the hands of American citizens. An outright ban would be political suicide and bloody, so progressives subtly disguise the argument and chuckle while citizens vote their gun rights into extinction. For example, the new and very progressive Montana Sportsmen Alliance selectively endorses candidates who agree with their spin the Second Amendment is actually about sportsman access to private property. (I do not anticipate their endorsement; especially after they read this column.)

If a majority of Montana voters elect officials willing to trample the natural rights of property ownership so as to advance newly created sportsmen access rights, where will this stop? Could government suspension of the right to keep and bear arms be far behind? Do not let the Montana Sportsmen Alliance muddy the waters. The Second Amendment prohibits government infringement on the natural right to self-defense; nothing more, nothing less. Voters best elect citizens who intrinsically know such. I do.

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