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Let Us Pray

Listening to radio broadcasts of people reminiscing where they were when the towers fell on 9-11, prompted me to reflect on our American soul; who we are, how we got here and where we are going. At first glance, my points might seem disjointed, but consider the following:

Several years ago, my oldest daughter, Meagan and her young, growing family lived in Larimore, North Dakota. Late one cold winter evening, Meagan and husband, Tim, spotted Mae, their four-year-old, kneeling by her bed spontaneously reciting her bedtime prayers. They were glowing listening to Mae’s conversation with God, but suddenly she skipped the traditional “Amen” and hollered “Yee-haw” before leaping to her feet and scampering towards the door. When asked to explain, she said she just felt like shouting “Yee-haw”; apparently, the Holy Spirit was having a good time with Mae. Her prayers prove we are a family of Christian rednecks.

Item two: Tim Tebow’s notoriety is not from his prowess on the football field as much as it from his courage to publically profess his faith in Jesus Christ. The Broncos, Jets and Patriots have all tested and released Mr. Tebow, so his professional football career is uncertain. However, his faith, an attribute of much higher esteem, remains unwavering and many Americans outside of the state run media admire his allegiance to his core principles; a characteristic dreadfully absent in politicians.

And finally item three: I have read stories about the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty,” but lacking television I had not seen it. Out of curiosity, the trophy wife and I watched a couple episodes on You-Tube. At first, I could not understand the public attraction for this series, but then I caught several closing segments of the Robertson family saying grace. “Aha, there He is,” I quietly thought suddenly realizing America is fascinated with a bearded family of duck call manufacturers because of their weekly link to the Almighty.

I mention the above because even after suffering unmerciful attacks from the left wing, America remains predominantly a Christian nation with 80 percent self-identifying as such. This news is critical to America’s restoration. The progressive ruling class is steering our nation to secularism with big government replacing God as mankind’s true deity. This mistake began in the early 1900s with the statists misrepresentation of 2 Corinthians, 9:7 where Paul teaches “God loves a cheerful giver.” This was brought to my attention during Montana’s 2009 legislature when a House Democrat opened the afternoon’s session with a prayer quoting the above verse justifying his party’s support for tax increases. To him and others of a secular mindset, the central authority is the source of all goodness, so the bigger the better. However, their opinion of government charity ignores Jesus’s own words in Matthew 22:21 when He says “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's.” There is a separation here; do not miss it. The Holy Scripture is the operator’s manual for each of us individually, it does not pertain to government. Yes, we should tithe generously and cheerfully, but government forcing you to share your God given bounty is neither charitable nor compassionate. When the 80 percent of American Christians discover they have been hoodwinked by those desirous of creating dependency on government, our great republic will begin its journey to restoration. Government will shrink to 10 percent of its current size. Imagine how generously you could tithe if you did not have to first feed the beast called government. All we need to do to get this ball rolling is ask for His help, just as Benjamin Franklin told us in 1789.

During tense times at America’s Constitutional Convention, the aged Mr. Franklin rose to squelch the argument by saying, “…God governs in the affairs of men, and if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid?” From then on, each session began with prayer and with His aid America became the greatest nation in the history of the world. This brings me to my point. Our republic was crafted by the hand of God and it is only with His help will we ever restore her magnificence. Let us pray.

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