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Let Freedom Ring

President Obama’s first administration has been very successful—he accomplished exactly what he promised. If you were blinded by Obama-mania during the 2008 presidential campaign, you possibly missed Senator Obama’s plans hoping to change our great American republic into a democracy where fairness reigns supreme. During his famous campaign conversation with Joe the Plumber, he clearly stated he believes the primary function of government is to share the wealth—take stuff from people who have earned it and give it to those who haven’t. Championing the equality of things as the ideal is in complete contrast to the equality of rights stated in our Declaration of Independence, because to achieve the former, you must destroy the latter. Founding father Alexander Hamilton explained this dichotomy brilliantly when he stated, “Inequality will exist as long as liberty exists. It unavoidably results from that very liberty itself.”

September 17, 1787, the framers of the US Constitution rang the liberty bell and it is still echoing across our great nation because they created a constitutional republic so resilient it simply cannot be destroyed by the dreams and desires of a single man during a single term. America and freedom will prevail.

As the 2012 campaign rhetoric heats up, be wary of any politician whose platform is based on the redistributive principle: “If you like your neighbor’s stuff, vote for me and I will give it to you.” America is $14 trillion in debt because politicians have promised more stuff than the neighbor actually has, so they have started giving away the stuff of the neighbor’s grandchildren. This theft-by-government will continue until voters stop rewarding politicians for stealing. Think about it.

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