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Seventeen Flavors

To be successful, mimic what successful people do.  Several years ago, I read where the age of your car reflects your financial well-being.  Folks with a net worth over one million dollars typically drive cars older than 10 years.  On the other hand, folks pulling a new camper and boat with a shiny new Ford F-350, crew-cab, dually are likely one bout of gout from bankruptcy.  Regardless the financing terms, achievers know payments for a depreciating asset are like a small dose of cocaine; it numbs you to the reality you are killing yourself.  Dave Ramsey, the Christian finance guru, has made a fortune blazing the trail from bankruptcy to success.  Mimic him; he is the master and now I will apply this point to the news.  

It is not coincidence Planned Parenthood and Dr. Palmer the Lion Slayer simultaneously saturated Facebook and Twitter.  The state run media could not ignore Planned Parenthood’s calloused disregard for human life forever, so they magically flipped national headlines to a lion hunt in Zimbabwe occurring nearly a month earlier.  Their misdirection did not fool this pro-life Christian and I trust the hottest places in hell are reserved for those profiting by the sale of innocent unborn babies.  The public outcry after seeing four videos prompted legislation defunding Planned Parenthood.  Just like Obamacare repeals, it will go nowhere as progressives rally to Planned Parenthood’s defense by attacking the video’s producers.  A federal judge and strong Obama supporter, blocked release of additional film clips, so this evil reality will slowly fade from the headlines.  When it comes to mounting a national outcry, we pro-lifers are bush leaguers.  Step back and watch the animal rights pros properly promote hysteria with just one dead lion named Cecil and one dentist with a glistening white smile.  They are masters at marketing emotion.  

A gathering of 200 animal rights protesters swamped Dr. Palmer’s office after hearing he shot a now famous lion, Cecil.  Thousands of death threats prompted him to go into hiding.  Reporters hyped the story globally, but in response to a request for official comment about Cecil’s death, the Zimbabwe information minister, Prisca Mupfumira, curiously replied, “What lion?”       

Still hungry for red meat, a Reuter’s journalist quizzed a Harare street vender for his take on Cecil’s demise.  Tryphina Kaseke responded, “…all this about a dead lion?  Lions are killed all the time in this country.”  Global hysteria soon overwhelmed reality and even though this crime might be as simple as taking a game species in an illegal manner, it served its purpose of knocking Planned Parenthood from the headlines.  Would it have made any difference had one of the intact babies whose liver was harvested had been named Cecil?  Sadly, no.   

All progressive activists from animal rights fanatics to climate changers to free-roaming bison advocates to LGBT militants to Planned Parenthood executives operate from the same playbook—Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  This time their target was a Minnesota dentist who was a trophy hunter.  The next time, it could be a rancher from Jordan, Montana trying to protect his family operation from hordes of marauding bison, or a Christian pastor who refuses to endorse trendy Biblical principles.  They too will be targeted and eliminated and this bring me to my point.  

Christians are not street fighters who can scream death threats upon command, so I do not expect them to mimic these masters of intimidation.   Their only option is to defeat progressivism at the ballot box by booting every Democrat and establishment Republican from office.  To wait until you are in their crosshairs will be too late. 


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