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Knocked Senseless

Writing a weekly column is stressful. By midweek, I am fidgeting with the blank pages, hoping something will hit me and jar loose a topic. Tuesday afternoon an idea came out of nowhere and smacked me so hard I have a black eye and dang near busted my three-dollar reading glasses. On the bright side, it is a relief to finally have a subject.
I drove to a boarding stable to examine a horse with a laceration. Daun, the owner, showed me the bleeding wound on Bob’s left front knee. Sometime during the night, Bob stuck his front feet through a corral panel and he was missing hide above both fetlocks along with the cut on his knee. Bob was a relatively quiet 17-year-old warm blood gelding, but I slipped a little tranquilizer into his jugular vein to make the wound cleaning easier on all of us.
Bob’s head dropped immediately and I wondered if he could be one of those who are overly sensitive to Rompun. His lower lip was nearly touching the ground when I clipped the hair from the three wounds and then lavaged them with the garden hose. He never flinched. I probed the knee wound to be certain the injury did not enter the joint. His left fetlock injury did not quite penetrate the full thickness of the skin, so I stepped to his right side to probe the depth of the wound on the other fetlock.
More asleep than awake, Bob looked like he could fall over at any second. I bent over, barely touched his right fetlock when BOOM, he fired out his right leg like he was stomping a snake. His right knee flew up, crushed my glasses into my eye, sent my hat flying and rocked me back on my heels. Daun gasped the customary, “Are you alright?” Amazingly, none of the profanity which was ricocheting around in my skull found its way out of my mouth. I picked up my glasses and hat before walking over to look at my face in the rear view mirror of my pickup. If I was missing my cheekbone or eye brow, I wanted to find them before they were stomped in the mud. Amazingly, my facial features appeared to be reasonably close to where I had last seen them, so with blood streaming from my eye socket, I returned to work.
Bob immediately fell back asleep and never twitched as I finished bandaging the wounds. Usually, I am good at reading animal behavior, but not this time. Had Bob been pacing, kicking, or striking in the beginning, I would have approached things differently. It is foolish to recognize imminent danger, but blindly charge forward as if nothing is amiss; our exact situation this election. Here is my point.
For a clear picture where America is headed let’s take a look back. State Senator Barak Obama was elected to the US Senate in 2004 with progressives seizing control of Congress in 2006. In spite of record federal revenues from 2006 through the first half of 2008, their wealth redistribution spree to green companies like Solyndra doubled our national debt from $8 trillion in 2006 to $16 trillion today. (A figure President Obama could not recite recently on the Dave Letterman show.)
Advancing the man-caused climate change myth during the presidential campaign of 2008, Senator Obama promised to regulate coal-fired electricity generating plants into bankruptcy. Facing record unemployment, 46 million Americans on food stamps and the largest tax increase in US history set for 2013, costly EPA regulations on coal-gen facilities have been handed down. In business since 1968, Yellowstone County’s Corette Coal Generating facility announced the shuttering of its plant rather than spending $38 million complying with these new EPA directives. With similar companies closing doors shrinking the demand for coal, 1200 jobs in the Appalachian mines recently went up in smoke. Before long, these unemployed workers will be on their knees begging for crumbs from the government masters; the perfect storm for ruling class progressives.
The horse knee to my eye may have rattled a few screws, but since our Treasure State is so rich in coal reserves I still know it is foolish to follow President Obama’s campaign slogan “Forward.” Our republic will not survive more of the same. Unless you have been knocked senseless by hope and change, you know we must remove progressives from every elected office.

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