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Just Let Go

Have you ever been in a pickle, but did not discover it until you passed the point of no return? I have. The Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association held their 1980 annual conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Several dozen of we frugal Colorado stators packed into 15-passenger vans for the pilgrimage to Cajun country for three days of professional seminars and socialization. (I included the word “professional” because we did actually learn something.) We were all poor college students unlearned in the popular “Occupy this” techniques of 2011. We never imagined we could just party our way down the Mississippi, roll the costs into our student loans and then default them onto the backs of Americans who actually had jobs. In the old days, we each paid our own way.

The last night of the event was a coat and tie send-off banquet ‘n dance and after dinner I was stomping around the dance floor with Big Sue, a classmate nicknamed because she was a six-foot tall, stout, ranch kid who could stack bales better than most boys. Sue was recognized around vet school by the little pink lambs she embroidered on the lapels of her hospital coveralls, but for this banquet she swapped her Carharts for a very nice flowered dress and high heels—attire she later regretted.

To this day, I don’t know exactly what happened, but the mud which had been tracked inside combined with the spilled beverages on the hardwood floor made the footing treacherous and more suitable to Muck boots than high heels. During the Colorado modification of the Polka, Big Sue’s feet shot out from under her directly towards me. Instantaneously, her high-heels pinned each of my boots to the floor and the strictly enforced laws of gravity began pulling her backwards. I snapped my back muscles taut and shot my bottom out in a futile attempt to offset the pendulum in the white dress pulling me forward. For one millisecond this skinny kid and Big Sue hung in equilibrium, but then she splashed to the floor…unfortunately with me sitting right on top of her. I froze like a deer in the headlights and sat motionless while Sue laid there soaking up her surroundings. She could have killed me with her bare hands, so it was good she was the amiable type.

In retrospect, the second I realized Sue was crashing, I should have just let her go. It would not have been exactly chivalrous, but with the gymnasium so packed, spectators would have assumed the crowded dance floor caused the crash. Stopping to pick her up would have looked heroic; the image of me sitting on her like a buzzard perched on a fence post appeared less so. This, believe it or not, brings me to my political point.

If you are a superficial consumer of news, you may not have recognized the recent failures of our intrusive and rapidly growing federal government. These are not accidents, they are purposeful and here are two examples where the ruling class is using deceit and the power of government to lead America off the cliff.

Example one: The Chevy Volt was hailed as government’s perfect clean-n-green machine. In the marketplace, the Volt lacked size, power, reliability and safety, was horribly expensive and consumers hesitated to purchase one unless someone else paid for it—so the ruling class arranged hefty subsidies. Amazingly, 1139 units were eventually plugged into American garages. Last week we learned a Volt in a fender-bender becomes a major fire hazard and can self-immolate months after the accident. This drawback was known and suppressed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration so as to not hamper sales. The same clowns manipulating the auto market are also manipulating the healthcare system, does that not scare you?

Example two: In “Fast and Furious”, gun control advocates in the Department of Justice flooded Mexican drug cartels with American made firearms. The predictable “surprise” appearance of American weapons at drug crime scenes would make the US populace reflexively accept greater gun control measures under the perception of greater public safety. By expanding federal regulation, the Second Amendment, along with most of Constitution becomes nothing more than a curious relic of days past. “Regulation is the key to stabilization,” is how Huxley put it in Brave New World.

My point is this. Marxism has failed everywhere it has been tried. There is no reason for progressives to hang on to the failed ideology in hopes it just might work this time. It won’t. Similarly, conservative Democrats across the hinterlands must realize their party has replaced the principles espoused by Jefferson with those of Marx. You should do as I should have done on the slippery dance floor in Louisiana when I realized a crash was imminent, just let go. Do not let those destroying our great American republic pull you over the edge and into the abyss.

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