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It’s not about the Cake

Humanity is governed by both God’s laws and man’s laws with the former reining supreme.  This creates a rub, so progressives equate God’s and man’s law by insisting government is god.  Lacking the true and living God, morality can then be altered by a simple majority vote and absolutely anything can be deemed acceptable.


The recent Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling establishing a universal right to same-sex marriage has blasted this issue to the forefront.  With the rap of the gavel, SCOTUS amended both God’s law and man’s law; powers expressly prohibited both by the Bible and our Constitution.  I am a Christian, so I believe the Holy Scripture is the word of God, but to prove my point to nonbelieving progressives using Biblical principles is as futile as describing color to a blind person.  Instead, I will set God’s law aside and explain the damage the SCOTUS same-sex decision inflicted on man’s law.


By a vote of 5-4, the SCOTUS established same-sex marriage as a right, effectively tossing the First Amendment in the trash and empowering government to regulate what is preached from the pulpit.  Inspired by the court’s decision, a same-sex couple immediately filed suit to force a church to marry them.  Only the blindest progressive could possibly ignore this First Amendment conflict, but they do and it gets worse.


A Christian baker in Oregon refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple, so the couple filed suit.  Based on the SCOTUS ruling, an Oregon Labor Commissioner levied a $135,000 fine against the bakers and ordered them to not speak publically of the ruling.  Regardless your political beliefs, this should terrify all Americans, but such does not appear to be the case.  The many rainbow banners splattering social media creates the illusion this SCOTUS decision is popular, as if mob rule determines law in a constitutional republic.  Answer me this:   If a progressive, activist Supreme Court can repeal the First Amendment, what prevents them from suspending the Second?  Nothing actually.  This is exactly why our founders balanced powers between the three branches of government, granted the judiciary no power to write man’s law and specifically blocked government’s interference with religion.  Here is what is next.


After numerous defeats at the state and local level, leftist operatives are preparing to launch a national NDO.  Low information voters will be told NDO means Non-Discrimination Ordinance when in practice it means National Discrimination Ordinance where Christians will be targeted and silenced by government.  We, the religious unwashed, will be expected to abandon our Christian beliefs or face fines and re-education training.  Same-sex weddings are not about the cake just as Obamacare is not about healthcare, nor is climate change regulation about climate.  It is always about control.   


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