Weekly Posting of the Conservative Cow Doctor


Imagine the Conservative Cow Doctor for Czar

In spite of growing public opposition, Obamacare is nearing full implementation. The noose of nationalized healthcare was designed to not be fully tightened around the public’s neck until it was futile to struggle. Various cells of opposition were granted temporary exemptions to lull them into submission and it has worked perfectly. If Congress fully funds Obamacare it will be as if the trap door on the gallows has been tripped putting America in a free-fall until the inevitable sudden jerk ends 236 years of liberty. Because Democrats have fully embraced the big government principles of Marx and half the Republicans have fully embraced the principles of compromise, I expect Obamacare will be funded.

In Montana’s most recent legislative session, we had two opportunities to hinder Obamacare implementation. We failed to block the first, HB87, an “Act giving the insurance commissioner rate-review authority”. We only stopped the second bill, HB623, “Medicaid expansion,” because we adjourned before the self-described “responsible Republicans” could garner 12 more Republicans to join the Democrats and pass this Obamacare plank. Bless their little hearts. Once the federal government, particularly the Internal Revenue Service, controls your healthcare they will control every aspect of your life. Let me show you.

There is no doubt America is facing an obesity epidemic and each week new surveys pop up revealing which city, state or county has the largest citizens. Because the correlation between obesity and the consumption of healthcare dollars is so direct, does it not follow the entity granting you free healthcare has the right to dictate what you eat and how much you exercise? Of course it does. The left knows this and this should terrify rational thinking Americans. The First Lady’s war on childhood obesity is an exploratory salvo probing exactly how much government intrusion the public will tolerate. Certainly, there has been resistance, but it is mild and the left knows the populace can be indoctrinated to accept any position. If you see nothing wrong with surrendering such decisions to government, imagine if this conservative cow doctor were hired by the IRS as the national body-mass-index czar.

Here is life in the Kerns house and it would likely take the full force of government down the barrel of gun to encourage you to join us. The alarm and the coffee pot trip at 3:50 every morning. Over coffee, the trophy wife and I read the Bible for 20 minutes; a pace which gets us cover to cover every year. The next 40 minutes are dedicated to strength training with free-weights and this puts us out the door for our regular seven mile run by 5:25 am. We are home and showered by 7:00 and because we have eliminated sugar and flour, our breakfast is mostly meat, fruit and vegetables; not a popular position for a politician from a state marketing wheat and sugar beets. (Obviously, I am not a politician.) This is our normal, but those of us on the liberty end of the political spectrum know it is each individual’s right and responsibility to balance their personal calories-in and calories-out equation. This is not a decision to surrender to government, yet voters have done just such. Funding Obamacare will mean it is too late for America to back down the steps of the gallows.

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