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 I love Her and You Should Too

Last Tuesday, the trophy wife and I did something we rarely do which is odd as it was so much a part of our dating routine back in high school. Back then we did it at least twice a week with sometimes squeezing in a third go-round if the conditions were right. We are empty nesters now and with abundant time alone you would think we would be doing it several times per week, but it’s not the thrill it used to be. The trophy wife seems to enjoy it more than I do and she often suggests we do it for old times’ sake; advances I have turned back by reminding her of our need to paint, peel logs, spray weeds, deworm the horses, fix fence, mow the lawn, pour concrete or shingle the roof. Tuesday night I relented and we did it; we went to the movies.

It is not I no longer enjoy my wife’s company. To the contrary, after sharing our lives over 42 years life does not feel right when she is not sitting next to me. My resistance to worship the silver screen hails from two issues. First, movies in the 1970s were simple. From John Wayne flicks to Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns, there were good guys, bad guys, damsels in distress and lots of gunfire with no underlying message. I liked that.

Today, the America haters control Hollywood and most two-hour features either directly or indirectly demonize white, heterosexual, free-market capitalists devoted to raising children who love God and country. I simply refuse to give my money to an entity hell bent on destroying me, my family, my faith and my country.

In consideration of the above, it is understandable why I’ve only seen a handful of movies over the last two decades. There was “Forest Gump” in 1994, “Passion of the Christ” a decade later, “God’s Not Dead” in April and the documentary “America” this last Tuesday. If you truly love America and like me have hit your toxic limit of seeing her ground into the dirt you must see this film! “America” illuminates events progressives have selectively purged from recorded history. Even the text books I read in high school in the early 1970s had been sanitized. Now I have seen the truth; a truth which is exactly as I thought all along and this brings me to my point.

Beginning in 1776, America’s gift to the world has been the idea no one man has the right to rule another and when set free the human spirit knows no bounds. America is truly the greatest nation in the history of the world and there has been more goodness bestowed upon all humanity because of our great experiment in freedom than any other reason. That is why I love her and you should too. After eight years in college and four sessions incredulously staring across the aisle in the chamber of Montana’s House, I have hit my limit of America haters. They are wrong. No compromise, no tolerance, no mercy; those who hate my country are my political enemy and I will not stand down until they are nothing more than an irritating footnote in history. Please join me. To do anything less would be to cheat America of the glory she truly deserves.

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