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Happy Breeders Day

My mom made the news twice last week, well not actually my mother, but her persona. The first was in Maryland with the second in Colorado and both stories show how mothers are the last pillar supporting America’s crumbling family. Atheists dismiss the timeliness of these two story’s close proximity to Mothers’ Day as purely coincidence. We believers know the Truth.

Baltimore began the news week with riots choreographed to advance the agenda our massive central government must exert federal police control over its citizenry. If you missed the video of the Maryland mother halting the fledgling rioting career of her 15-year-old son, here is the scene: This young man was camouflaged as an ISIS terrorist wannabe complete with a black hoodie and back pack. With his identity concealed, he began chucking rocks at police and was having a fabulously great riot until his mother spotted him. Faster than a speeding bullet, she shot into the street and grabbed the little perpetrator by his ear. She may have hollered the customary parental disclaimer “this will hurt me more than it will hurt you”, but her profane punctuation muffled her exact words. Mom began whacking her son about the head and shoulders and he immediately dropped his rock and surrendered. Mothers who discipline their children on national news are rare in these days where self-esteem reigns supreme. As a kid, I never rioted in downtown Ingomar or Parkman, but the crazed look in the eyes of that mother reminded me of my mom when I did something which pushed her beyond her limits of maternal sanity. I guess she cared.

The second loving Mothers’ Day story comes from Aurora, Colorado; a city-kid filled suburb of Denver. It seems a mom sent her four-year-old daughter to the Children’s Academy with a lunch containing a sandwich, string cheese and a packet of Oreos. Apparently, the all-American Oreo cookie is on big government’s no-fly list, so the little girl’s lunch was confiscated for her benefit. Because leftists believe children belong to the community rather than parents, the lunch sack was sent home with a nasty-gram outlining snacks the government deems acceptable. Hold that thought while I tie this story to my lunch as a child.

Through all of grade school Mom packed my lunch and placed it on top of the piano by the back door. My brothers and I would grab our lunch buckets when we sprinted out the door to school. We never knew what special goodie was in our black metal boxes, but when we opened them at lunch they smelled wonderful and I would not trade those memories for a semi-load of government certified snacks. Had a school employee confiscated my lunch, Mom would have exploded making the Baltimore Super-Mom look like Mary Poppins and this brings me to my point.

To instill a progressive utopia, the American family must be destroyed. Step one began five decades and 22 trillion dollars ago with fathers being replaced by assistance programs so as to trap single mothers and their children in perpetual dependency. Look at Baltimore. Step two targets mothers by enacting school lunch, breakfast and weekend meal programs followed by strict nutrition regulations for mothers stuffing lunch sacks. Look at Colorado. Always promoted as being “for the children,” these programs actually eliminate mothers and lock the children in dependency while preparing them for the final solution; government pre-K indoctrination. Taken to completion, American mothers will soon become nothing more than breeders producing the next mindless generation of worker bees loyal to the collective.

America may not have suffered enough for most moms to realize politicians promising more programs are their enemy and not their friend. I was blessed with a mother who figured this out decades ago and made me the man, husband, father and grandfather I am today. Thanks Mom, happy Mothers’ Day.

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