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Foreign Disease

Foreign countries often contain exotic diseases which could wreak havoc on American soils. For example, look at the population thinning effect colonists gifted Indians via small pox and the similar damage they inflicted upon settlers through tobacco. To minimize threats, America has instituted extensive quarantine procedures, yet sometimes diseases cross our borders.

Avian influenza was identified in California in December of 2014, and because it recently appeared in poultry in Arkansas, this highly infectious H5N8 virus likely has already infected Rocky Mountain migratory fowl. Because this disease spreads through the air and carries a near 100 percent mortality rate, it is just a matter of time before it devastates our poultry industry. I will address this disease as it develops, but my purpose today is to focus your attention on C1M1, an even bigger threat which infected America in the late 1800s.

Today, C1M1 is endemic across America and because this dangerous pathogen lacks a genome, the development of a vaccine is impossible. Oddly enough, this foreign disease destroys the logic centers of the human cerebral cortex while simultaneously enhancing emotional segments of the limbic system. This creates a paradox where infected people deny the presence of the disease, but feel great about themselves. C1M1 carriers can be identified through characteristic speech patterns as they pepper their conversations with phrases such as “the greater good,” or “for the benefit of the collective.” Here is the disease history.

Karl and Fred discovered C1M1 in Germany in 1848 and it spread across Europe before finding its way to America around the turn of the century. University towns quickly became incubation centers because of C1M1’s unusual mode of transmission; it’s not caught, it’s taught. After 100 years, C1M1 has permeated our American culture. For example, CNN morning anchor Chris Cuomo recently interviewed Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore concerning gay marriage. The judge explained our rights come from God and cannot be handed down by men. Mr. Cuomo pounced saying “our rights do not come from God”, but by “collective agreement.” Mr. Cuomo purposely rejected Jefferson’s words in the Declaration of Independence where he explains the uniqueness about being an American. Prior to 1776, rights were handed down by the whims of kings, so for our founders to suddenly claim ours were endowed by our Creator was truly revolutionary. Like nearly all members of the state run media and everyone in academia, Mr. Cuomo has been so incapacitated by C1M1, he does not recognize he is spreading the disease.

C1M1 has invaded the Montana legislature as evidenced by the Confederated Salish-Kootenai Tribal Water Compact, SB 262. This unamendable, monstrosity revokes property rights for the “greater good” and there are so many convoluted intermediaries in SB 262 it is nearly impossible to describe the devastating mechanics of this compact in a single sentence, but I will. Because SB262 empowers the central government at the expense of individual liberty and rights, we have epidemiological proof of a C1M1 infection.

Democrats, progressive Republicans, Farm Bureau and Montana Stock Growers are so mesmerized by SB262’s promised gift of 1.2 billion federal dollars, they support the compact. What part of our 18 trillion dollar national debt do they not understand? To bribe citizens with their own tax money is ludicrous enough, but when you do it with debt, you have solid proof a person’s logic centers have completely failed. Before you compact supporters complain about reckless spending in Washington D.C., you best wipe the milk off your upper lip first so no one sees you’ve been nursing the government nipple. I guess pork-barreling all depends on whose ox is being gored.

In case you have missed the connection, C1M1 is the “Communist Manifesto” published by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism, a.k.a. liberalism, or progressivism, only exists at the expense of freedom. Implementation of the CSKT Water Compact is one more step in the incremental empowerment of the ruling class over the unwashed. Passing SB262 just might be the point of no return.

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