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Fifty Shades of Gray

America was founded on black and white truths. However, because progressivism withers in an environment of absolutes, the ruling class disguises the truth with fifty shades of gray. If big government was the true source of happiness, would not the inner city and Indian reservations be society’s shining light on the hill? Neither are, not because of the people who live there, but because of the programs which traps them there. To force politicians to stop lying requires you to quit believing them; America’s future is in your hands. To help you, I will shine the light of truth on three of the left’s fifty shades of gray.

As reality eroded the state sponsored myth of global warming, the ruling class frantically began splashing thermometers with gray paint. When global temperatures moderated after the 1970s, the previous warnings of an impending ice-age were ignored so as to focus fears on global warming. However, with the turn of the new century, the earth stopped warming, so the ruling class quickly converted to the climate change moniker. Even though this tag line allowed the ruling authority to promote greater regulation of our economy whether the temperature went up, down, sideways, or backwards, they began adjusting temperatures to match the approved template. A recent UK Telegraph story labeled the “fiddling with temperature data” as “the biggest science scandal ever.” When you Zip-Strip off the gay, it is clear the ruling class is lying so as to trap the unwashed in bondage and this brings me to healthcare.

The Affordable Care Act is based on fairy dust. Through liberal coats of gray, progressives convinced the masses, or at least all the congressional Democrats, it was possible to expand and cheapen health care coverage by surrendering control to the federal government. Recent news stories report Ivy League students and faculty are furious their health care costs have skyrocketed due to Obamacare. They were so indoctrinated they thought it possible to socialize medicine by only spending other people’s money. Sadly, this socialist train wreck crossed party lines and now the blow-dryer caucus of the GOP are helping the Democrats advance Marxism. Prior to the 2014 election, the GOP promised to repeal Obamacare, but after securing majority control of Congress, they fully funded it. By fifty shades of gray, the brainwashed have joined the unwashed in bondage, and this brings me to taxes.

During the first four months of fiscal year 2015, the federal government collected a record 1.046 trillion tax dollars while spending 1.24 trillion thus adding another 194 billion dollars to our national debt. You would expect the ruling class would need more than fifty shades of gray to blot the red out of our 18.14 trillion dollar national debt, but progressives are able to disguise it with a single coat by poetically demanding the rich “pay their fair share.” Blinded by covetousness, the poverty class recites the “pay their fair share” mantra while absent mindedly munching on their food stamps never realizing the gate to freedom has been closed behind them. Unknowingly, the poor has joined the unwashed and brainwashed in bondage and this brings me to my closing point.

To imprison the masses in bondage, politicians have become masters at painting the truth. Coincidentally, Hollywood has released “Fifty Shades of Grey,” a new movie also addressing bondage. As I completely addressed the subject here, save yourself the 15 bucks and skip the movie. No need to thank me, it is all part of my public service.

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