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Every morning I walk into my veterinary clinic, guessing what cases presented during the night based on subtle clues I see in the hospital. In the spring, a wet floor in the large animal treatment room suggests someone pulled a calf. New x-rays on the viewer could be a dog who swallowed an eraser or collided with a pickup. The day I spotted a stainless steel Ruger 10/22 rifle with a Simmons 4X scope on my desk, I was stumped.

Doctor Broyles explained he had sutured a laceration on a dog and the new client offered the rifle as security until payday. Thanks to current political threats on the Second Amendment, firearms are highly marketable items, so it was great collateral.

The rifle was in good shape, so I threw it to my shoulder to see if I might be interested in adding it to my personal armory in the event of default. Something did not feel right, so I shouldered it again. “Well I be darned,” I thought as the problem suddenly hit me—the scope was mounted backwards making everything appear four times further away than it really was. We all chuckled thinking how this would allow long range target shooting with a 25 yard bullet trap. Was this as a practical joke, or had someone shot this thing for years oblivious to the mistake? Even more curious would be their reaction when they learned the truth; would they accept or argue reality? This question brings me to my point.

Properly applied scientific principles show no support for the hypothesis man’s carbon emissions are affecting the global climate. Politicians and bureaucrats who continue to advance this theory are doing so either out of deceit or ignorance—both of which should be disqualifying positions. As public sentiment shifts back to the truth, which it is, leftists are panicked. Prepare for chaos.

In a 2010 video, EPA’s Region VI Administrator Al Armendariz suggest crucifying oil and gas companies in a manner similar to Romans conquering small villages in the Mediterranean. After spiking the first five villagers to trees, Romans found those remaining became very cooperative. (Do you feel the love?) Here is why I mention this in my political column.

Every American depends on the free flow of energy at market prices to enjoy the blessings of liberty endowed us by our Creator. It is really that simple. Evil forces utilizing the sweeping powers of the EPA are purposely trying to cripple the entire fossil fuel industry. With prices for any commodity driven above affordability, average citizens are forced into dependency on government programs. But there is the good news. By Divine Providence, Montana sits on some of the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world and development of those resources will bring true wealth to the Treasure State. If you do not follow the logic and still fear global warming, perhaps you have been looking through the wrong end of the rifle scope.

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