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Diet by Directive

For a century, progressives claimed America could reach utopia if we abandoned the constitutional restrictions placed on government and instead used the full force of federal authority to mold the populace into perfect obedience. (Reread the first sentence and let it soak in because it succinctly describes an absolute contradiction—for progressivism to survive, the Constitution must die!) Just when I thought progressives had reached the limits of absurdity, they broke through to stratospheric levels; liberals now want greater control of your diet. After all, the beautiful people in the art and croissant crowd know what is best for you. See if you can swallow this.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recently released a study projecting 42 percent of Americans will be obese by 2030. This was soon followed by the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) 478 page report proposing America’s spiraling obesity rate is not due to a lack of will power, but instead is due to a lack of regulation. (This is not tongue-in-cheek, they are serious.) Miraculously, and predictably, they just happen to have a menu of new laws to make us all look like we are valedictorians of Jenny Craig…if we just hand them our forks. Leftists claim by manipulating tax policy they can both alter the earth’s temperature plus help you lose weight. All you have to do is surrender and believe. Chew on this sampler tray of appetizing IOM suggestions to cure obesity:

1. Decrease the number of fast-food restaurants and increase sidewalks and walking paths through stricter zoning.
2. Increase the price of fast-foods by taxing products high in sugars and fats.
3. Overhaul farm policy by decreasing price supports for commodities such as wheat to encourage the farming of healthier fruits and vegetables.
4. Encourage bicycling through subsidies. (Chevy Volt owners stranded roadside between Ismay and Ekalaka are tired of being the butt of all green energy jokes. They are ecstatic about conning a different group of consumers.)

While IOM is pulling the rabbit out of their hat with their right hand, do not lose sight of their left. The entire progressive movement follows a characteristic pattern which becomes clear when you push your chair back from the table and take a broader look. Whether it is global warming, dependence on foreign oil, fiscal instability on Wall Street, or a nationwide obesity epidemic, their solution to every problem is always greater government control. Progressives inherently think the populace is incompetent, so they have declared war on self-reliance.

If you are meek and worship government making the hard decisions in your life, then elect liberals. As for me, I will choose my ideal body weight, what I eat, how much I exercise and I trust you will do the same. I support the original intent of the Constitution because I just want to be free. What say you?

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