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Crack Goes the Whip

As we walked to the bunkhouse for lunch, Smiley spotted Dana’s new bullwhip hanging from the rafters. He snatched it, stepped off the porch and uncoiled it with a quick flick of his wrist. “I used to be pretty good with one of these when I was a kid,” he boasted. (When people say such things around bullwhips, pogo sticks and unicycles, it is best to steer clear because they are about to hurt themselves. It is much funnier if you are only a witness and not collateral damage.) Smiley twirled the whip a couple times overhead, jerked his arm and with a loud crack the snapper popped back and split his nose like a cooked hotdog. “That smarts,” he mumbled as he dobbed his bloodied nose with his handkerchief and hung the bullwhip back on its nail.

Parents understand bullwhips quickly possess a boy’s mind, so when a young lad is given his first one it is followed with lengthy instructions about not whipping themselves, the dog, the milk cow, or siblings. Such warnings are usually ignored, and new bullwhips are frequently confiscated and hung up on a nail in the barn. The problem is clearly not the kid, it is the whip and this brings me to my point.

The framers of our constitution understood government naturally would grow to become oppressive. They designed our new American republic with just enough power to function, but with built in safety restraints to check this natural expansion. The horizontal balance of power between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches is augmented by a vertical balance between the federal, state and local governments. It was as if way back in 1789, John Adams, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin predicted the Obamacare ruling in the Supreme Court on Thursday, June 28, 2012.

For the moment, let us ignore the fact Obamacare is the largest middle class tax hike in history, adding 1.2 trillion dollars to our ballooning national debt. It also establishes death panels to ration health care to only those deemed worthy, and will be implemented by the compassionate blue-gloved medical staff at the Internal Revenue Service, but we will ignore those too. It is easier to swallow the whole idea if you just buy the progressive line Obamacare is free and the ruling class in the federal government cares more about the little people than the little people themselves.

Thursday, Chief Justice Roberts joined the four progressive extremists on the Supreme Court in ruling Obamacare is constitutional, but only if it is considered a tax. Moving horizontally, a new Congress and a new president can repeal Obamacare before it is fully implemented. As a second safety valve, moving vertically, every state legislature and governor can nullify Obamacare. Florida recently announced such nullification plans.

Our founders were so right. Like handing a kid a bullwhip, they knew abuse was inherent in the beast, so they designed a system where the people can vote the whip away both horizontally and vertically. Electing candidates opposed to this tyrannical growth of government is more important to freedom this November than at any other time in history. Every candidate at every level must oppose Obamacare, or they must be defeated. This is a one-issue election, because if Obamacare survives, our republic dies. Vote wisely.

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