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Clowning Around

To the main stream media, using the IRS to squelch groups opposing liberalism, the NAS to monitor every American’s electronic communication, the ATF to traffic illegal firearms to Mexican drug lords, creating unconstitutional powers to temporarily suspend horrendous aspects of Obamacare prior to the 2014 elections, directing the EPA to implement economically destructive climate change regulations rejected by Congress, advancing the lie the Benghazi attack was caused by an anti-Muslim video, data mining AP reporter phone records, and redistributing tax dollars to prop-up green companies destined for bankruptcy are all phony scandals, while a rodeo clown wearing a President Obama mask being chased by a bull is racism worthy of a full federal investigation. Nothing brings Republicans to their knees or Democrats to the polls faster than accusations of racism leveled against anyone opposing expanding government programs. Here is why.

Once upon a time over a century ago, American Indian populations were self-sufficient. Sadly, after a mere two generations nursing the government nipple they have become so enslaved by dependency they have forgotten what it meant to be free. Today, their allegiance is to whichever member of the ruling class tosses them the biggest crumbs; never making the connection social spending will never help them out of poverty it is designed to keep them there.

For further proof, in 1964 President Lyndon Johnson launched his War on Poverty targeting inner city ghetto populations with the same programs which had so effectively subdued the Indian nations. One-half century and 16 trillion dollars later, poverty rates are through the roof, the black family has been destroyed, and inner cities have collapsed. With nearly an 11,000 percent increase in welfare spending and a 32,000 percent increase in food stamps, creating dependency is not cheap, but it is very, very effective. In most elections since 1964, nearly 90 percent of blacks support Democrat candidates. It is an interesting dichotomy the groups most harmed by welfare are its biggest supporters.

The left blames racism for the failures of the black and Indian communities which is why every possible news story is trumped with the race card; such as the spin used in reports about a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask. They are blaming the wrong “ism.” It is not racism; it is socialism which is destroying America’s minority communities. Times are changing, and new groups of successful, black conservatives are educating their communities on the principles of limited government and free-markets put forth by our founders. They will be vilified by the ruling class until they get back on their knees and dutifully lick the hand which feeds them and this gets me to my point. All the “phony scandals” in the first sentence of this column are true and they share the commonality of empowering government over the people. Unless all Americans put a stop to President Obama’s policies, regardless our race we will all be imprisoned by dependency and I am not just clowning around.

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