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The GOP sweep of the mid-term elections is already changing things in Washington. For example, did you see the president’s press conference outlying his new bipartisan approach to the Ebola threat? Still stinging from attacks for appointing left-wing political hack, Ron Klain, as Ebola Czar, the president proposed spending an additional $6.18 billion in the war on Ebola. He then called for a new commission composed of three doctors to oversee the federal response. Beginning December 1st, Dr. Seuss, Dr. Scholl and Dr. Pepper will each hold veto power over decisions handed down by Mr. Klain. The state run media beamed propaganda praising President Obama for reaching across the aisle and college students interviewed at indoctrination centers all across America roared with enthusiasm at this new bipartisanship.

Critical thinkers, such as the loyal readers of my column, are rolling their eyes at all the falsehoods in my opening paragraph. The not-so-critical thinkers missed most misstatements as they were too mesmerized by the warm and fuzzy news beaming from MSNBC. Disinformation, a euphemism for lying, is the principle tool the ruling class uses to subdue the masses. For proof of its effectiveness, look at the recent revelations about the implementation of Obamacare.

On six occasions, Dr. Jonathan Gruber, a member of President Obama’s inner circle and chief architect of Obamacare, publically dismisses Americans as being “stupid” and his words are sweeping the internet faster than photos of Kim Kardashian’s naked backside. He repeatedly claims the Affordable Care Act would never have become law had the electorate known the truth. This sounds shocking, but when you look at the bigger picture Obamacare is no different than every progressive proposal; each exists only as long as the populace buys the state sponsored lie. Climate change, wealth redistribution, assistance for those trapped in poverty, and ethanol and solar subsidies all collapse once the masses learn every program empowers the ruling class and locks the unwashed in misery. They must think we are stupid.

President Obama and congressional Democrats are trying their hardest to distance themselves from Dr. Gruber with many claiming to have never known him. This is a technique I used during my tenure running my cattle drive business in Wyoming’s rugged Big Horn Mountains. During the guest / safety lecture I explained the ranch cowboys were more adept at body recovery than at search and rescue and if we couldn’t find a lost soul after a 24 hour search our policy was to divide up their stuff and deny we ever knew them. Predictably, everyone always made it back to camp in under 24 hours. Perhaps Congressman Pelosi and President Obama would like to divide up Dr. Gruber’s stuff and practice saying, “Never heard of him!”

Serving primarily as propagandists rather than journalists, the main stream media are ignoring Mr. Gruber’s comments hoping they will quickly be forgotten. As I watched this posturing unfold, it dawned on me my political experience coupled with my professional training has given me insight how I could cut the negative impact of Gruber-gate by a full 50 percent. It would be un-American to keep such a discovery to myself, so here we go.

When Dr. Gruber explained the implementation of Obamacare demonstrates the stupidity of the American electorate, he obviously could only be referring to those who actually bought the lie. As Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote and over half of Americans have been opposed to the Affordable Care Act from the very beginning, Jonathan Gruber could only be speaking of the intelligence of those who were fooled—namely the Democrats. There, half of you must feel better. No need to thank me, I’m a doctor, it’s my nature to help.

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