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Are You Smarter than a Californian?

Spring is the best time of year for planting railroad ties. It is not that moderate temperatures and moist soils promote rapid germination, it is because post holes are impossible to dig in the frozen ground of winter and the sunbaked soils of summer and fall. Last week, I set a couple braces to square a pasture fence with true north. A decade ago, I haphazardly slapped up a fence splitting the hay meadow in front of my house and the south end was nearly 100 feet too far to the east. Apparently, I suffer from square-fence disorder; a syndrome for which there is no cure other than squaring the dang fence. So I did.

I am telling you this because I was amazed at how dry the soils were from the surface down to the three-foot level. I noticed this same lack of moisture two springs ago when I returned home from the 63rd Montana Legislative Session and burned off my accumulated frustrations by re-setting the outhouse by my hangar. Because the depth of one’s privy extends its lifespan, I post-barred my way through five feet of dusty hard pan. After staking the outhouse down, I stepped back and admired my work knowing that unlike my previous four months in Helena, my efforts with my outhouse were not going to be negated by a governor’s veto. Oops, I rambled a little, so I will get back to my point; we are in a drought.

Man-caused climate change was an easy con in Montana during the dry springs of 2013 and 2015. However, during flood years, it takes either an exceptionally devious ruling class, or a very gullible audience to advance the hoax soil moisture and temperatures can be controlled through regulation. California might have both, because the Golden State ruling class has successfully convinced 40 million city kids living in the desert is a great idea by reassuring them progressive rulers can make it rain by implementing carbon taxes. Here is the truth.

California’s drought is a man-made disaster as nearly 200 million acre feet of water fall on its surface every year; an amount which could supply a population 20 times larger than California if all precipitation could be captured. It can’t and not because of physics, but because of progressivism. Droughts are a progressive’s perfect storm because it creates dependency. Environmental regulations have blocked every California dam project for the past 35 years, resulting in the flushing of nearly 21 million acre feet of water into the sea annually to save a myriad of little fishes hell-bent on becoming extinct despite our best efforts. An average four person household consumes one acre-foot per year, so the water flushed to the ocean to save the Desert Smelt could serve a population of 84 million Californians. Before you jump to the conclusion Golden State residents are especially foolish, consider the fact the Montana Legislature advanced nearly the same progressive regulation by passing the Confederated Salish-Kootenai Water Compact. Here is how.

Nearly all water rights in 11 counties, west of Montana’s Continental Divide will soon be under federal government control with minimum stream flow determining who gets water. California here we come. Agricultural lands will dry up, property values will plummet and with no other option, country folks will begin migrating to the cities where the ruling class knows they will be easier to control. So to answer my initial question, “Are you smarter than a Californian?” Apparently not, thanks to the 53 Montana Representatives and the 31 Senators who supported the CSKT Compact. Legislation increasing the power of government over the rights of common man is contrary to America’s constitutional republic and politicians honoring their oath of office should reject such regulation. Few do.

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