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Answer the Call

Do you have plans after Independence Day? Our founders did. Thousands of patriots put their personal lives on hold in the summer of 1776 and marched to New York carrying their muskets. With a yearning for liberty sweeping the country, Americans crowded the roadsides to cheer this growing militia. For 53 days, it was a glorious time to be an American patriot.

By August 26th, not quite two months since America declared her independence, over 12,000 merchants, farmers and shopkeepers had gathered on Long Island forming General Washington’s new Continental Army. To the south across Hudson Bay, 30,000 British troops and Hessian mercenary forces drilled, prepped and waited. So close were these armies, on a clear morning Continental soldiers could see the British camp…had their view not been blocked by the sails of the massive British Navy anchored in the bay. It was an intimidating sight, yet patriot after patriot reported for duty.

At dawn on the 27th, the British Navy pounded Long Island with intense artillery fire before their infantry stormed ashore and overran the collapsing Continental lines. Our struggle for independence seemed destined for a quick death. That night, under the cloak of darkness, General Washington ordered the retreat of what was left of his army across the East River into New York City. This Battle for Long Island would be the first of many crushing defeats our forefathers suffered during our five year War for Independence. However, the celestial dream of liberty drove ordinary patriots to do extraordinary things, so in the end, freedom prevailed. Their efforts gave birth to a republic founded on the self-evident truth America is endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. For the next 235 years, more goodness has been bestowed upon the world because of American freedom than any other reason.

Today, the liberty purchased with the lives of patriots, has reached the tipping point and our republic is about to plunge into the abyss. For over 100 years, Americans have progressively traded freedom for the illusion of security offered by big government. Unfortunately, today’s patriots with a strong allegiance to constitutional principles are dismissed as bat-crap crazy and buffoons, while moderates willing to compromise away freedom, are portrayed as heroes. Abandoning the Constitution so as to appear open-minded and congenial merely pushes America closer to the edge of the cliff. In Montana’s House, during the most recent legislative session, sadly, only about 30 representatives steadfastly voted to “support, protect and defend the Constitution.” The remaining 70 were moderates or Marxists. America needs your help, so consider this your personal call-to-duty.

Hidden in the hinterlands of Montana and the rest of America, are true patriots (not moderates) who have read and understand our Constitution. (Yes, I am talking to you.) Perhaps its time you stepped forward and offered your expertise to restore the liberty purchased by the sacrifices of patriots in 1776. Ronald Reagan said, “If not you, then who? If not now, when?”

Over the next 10 months I will be speaking at rallies around our Treasure State prompting patriots to answer this call-of-duty. (I’m in Glendive this Fourth of July.) Unlike in 1776, today’s battle is fought with ballots, not bullets. If your community has not organized a tea party group intent on returning government to constitutional principles, why not? What are you waiting for? In the words of Andrew Jackson, “One man with courage makes a majority.” You be the one man—answer the call.

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