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Andy’s Free Stuff

If you see Andy standing along the highway with a “will work for food” sign, do not believe him as he is a liar. Andy is my nearly 30-year-old mule, and during the winter, I feed him a little corn. William, my two-year-old grandson, loves dumping the grain in Andy’s feed bunk, so now when Andy spots us in the yard he comes running across the pasture and William sprints to the grain barrel. With the crested wheat grass greening in the pastures, both Andy and William need to break the dependency cycle, but rather than graze, Andy stands by the fence and begs. Such is the sorry state of affairs in America today and this brings me to my point.

In 1776, our founding fathers held it was a person’s willingness to risk and work rather than their bloodlines, which determined their lot in life. Sadly, this liberty proved to be both fragile and temporary. In 1913, President Woodrow Wilson introduced our republic to the Sixteenth Amendment; the progressive income tax. This provided the framework for wealth redistribution and dependency soon replaced self-reliance. President Roosevelt’s Second Bill of Rights in 1944 further advanced the progressive theory Americans were due the bounty produced by the sweat of others and suddenly a job, food, clothing, recreation, housing, medical care and a good education were rights guaranteed by government. Politicians began telling voters everything they lacked was not from an absence of effort or initiative, but instead was cheated from them by the rich. Even though great jobs in a thriving industry free of government subsidy are far more liberating than social programs, leftists deceitfully used programs to cultivate dependency. How else do you explain wind power, choking regulation of coal generated electricity, moratorium on off-shore oil drilling, CFL light bulbs and the Chevy Volt?

As of this second, politicians have gifted us $15.626 trillion of debt and looking forward, they have committed future generations to hundreds of trillions of dollars in unfunded liabilities. These obligations are mathematically impossible to meet by taxing the rich, because most of the money is in America’s middle class—a fact which politicians purposely ignore. This spending insanity will stop one of two ways.

Option one: Methodically reassembling government to the limited one defined in our constitution. Unfortunately, like Andy begging across the fence, true budget cuts are unacceptable to indoctrinated recipients. Expect more news like last week’s protests at Santa Monica College when students chanted, “No cuts, no fees, education should be free”. Catchy, but the rhyme ignores the reality California is running 10 to 25 billion dollar deficits.

Option two: America collapses into bankruptcy.

This election, our generation will decide whether we have the self-discipline to choose the controlled crash of option one or we plunge off the cliff in option two. There is no option three. There is no more free stuff, so vote wisely.

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