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An Appeal to Heaven

In 1868, Decoration Day was established to honor the battlefield casualties of the Civil War. After World War I, Decoration Day expanded to honor all fallen heroes. Beginning with our War for Independence up through the first Gulf War, 650,954 Americans have died on the battlefield. If we add deaths from war time disease, starvation or accidents unrelated to hostilities, an additional 538,503 fatalities brings America’s total cost of freedom to 1,431,290 lives. Liberty is expensive.

I fear average Americans and most politicians ignore the high price paid by others. When voters elect officials promising to use government to deliver freebies sucked from the wallets of others, we cheapen the lives of soldiers drawing their final breath on the battlefield. Sadly, one entire political party and half of the second promote this covetousness to maintain their positions of power. Do you really believe 1,431,290 Americans paid the ultimate sacrifice just so you could have nationalized healthcare, subsidized housing, extended unemployment, food stamps, and green electricity? I do not, but here is the problem.

Last week, I heard a radio announcer summarizing an op-ed piece stating virtually no one alters their political opinions even when confronted with irrefutable logic and facts. Thomas Paine warned, “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” If you always vote Democrat because Democrats are for poor people, or vote Republican because Republicans are for business you are immune to logic and I have wasted the last nine years of my life trying to explain the principles of American freedom and limited government. It is time to return to America’s original approach.

George Washington was a godly man and the painting of him praying in the snow in front of his horse is a very accurate, eye-witness account. General Washington knew the probability of a rag-tag assembly of farmers, merchants and indentured servants defeating the most powerful and well trained military in the world was nil except for the dispensation of Providence, so he turned to God. In 1775, a full year before our Declaration of Independence, General Washington ordered the creation of America’s first flag; an all-white banner displaying an evergreen tree below the motto “An Appeal to Heaven.” As he knew the weak-kneed caucus of the Continental Congress would never support aggression against the crown, the flags were affixed to the six privately owned schooners of “Washington’s Secret Navy.” Within a short few months, America’s “Lee” captured the British “Nancy” and patriots commandeered an enormous supply of muskets and munitions destined for the British regulars stationed in Boston. This marked the first of several miraculous events which launched our great American experiment in freedom and this brings me to my point.

America was founded by the grace of God and by His actions she shall be restored. When I see progressive, presidential candidates proposing Biblical principles be edited so as to be trendy, I see the magnitude of our problem. However, in face of the violence inflicted on believers worldwide and the intimidating threats and fines levied on practicing Christians here at home, now is not the time to be shy. Instead, be bold. Fence sitters can be brought into the fold when they see courageous Christians openly living their faith. Godly men are gathering under the “Appeal to Heaven” banner and are asking for God to save our republic. He always has been and always will be our only hope and we should join them in prayer this Memorial Day.


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