America’s National Religion

My spiritual journey followed a crooked path. Our ranch east of Ingomar was 30 miles from the nearest church. About twice a year the Holy Spirit convinced Mom it was time to evangelize her three boys by cleaning the gumbo from behind our ears, dressing us in white shirts, wool sport coats, and dinky bow ties before cramming us into the green station wagon for an hour rattle into Forsyth. That was the easy part. Sitting quietly in a massive church filled with the unfamiliar faces of city people made me feel like a bum calf in a crowded sale barn. I studied all the exits looking for the first hole in the fence. The souls of country kids are more difficult to redeem than regular sinners.

We moved home to Wyoming when I was eight and again our ranch was 30 miles from town. The first five miles of the road were actually graveled so our travel time to church was less than it was in eastern Montana; however the frequency of our attendance remained sporadic. The Christian teachings of right and wrong provided our family’s foundation, but we simply were not regular church goers. Years later, this issue caused me a little hiccup when I was trying to convince the trophy girlfriend to be my trophy wife. We were driving through town on a movie date when Druann asked what church I attended. I knew where it was, but I could not remember its name to save my soul. (Now, there is a paradox.) I craftily maneuvered the conversation elsewhere as I steered the station wagon nonchalantly past the church figuring I would read the name off the marquee. With perfect timing, I veered the conversation back to my religion as I turned down the selected street and discovered the church had been torn down and replaced with a bank. Announcing membership in the “First National Bank of Christ” might harm my cause, so I changed the subject and hung a left.

In 2002, after fully recovering from what should have been a fatal injury, I faced questions unanswerable by logic. Why and for what purpose was I saved? The many twists of fate in my story were too perfectly aligned to just be twists of fate. Jesus Christ had a hand in my healing and He has been a part of my life every day since; something which has helped me greatly in my legislative endeavors. Standing for liberty, the free-will tenet of Christianity, means I will be attacked unmercifully by Marxists who want life’s biggest decisions handled by government. To retreat because of public ridicule or death threats is to abandon the exact purpose for me still being here. I am a Christian, so bring it on and this brings me to my point.

Although the First Amendment specifically prohibits the establishment of a national religion, the ruling class has done exactly such. While you were distracted, this religion has saturated the American fabric and today it is taught in schools as the most common theme in Common Core. It is aggressively promoted in Hollywood and hundreds of movies are produced hypnotizing the unwashed masses with its tenets. Politicians mandate worship, while rogue bureaucracies implement decrees too extreme to survive the three branch legislative process. Was this not the exact reason Jefferson coined the phrase there should be “a wall of separation between church and state?” Yep, it was, yet here we are.

Environmentalism, our national religion, is the worship of creation while simultaneously removing our Creator from the equation. Once you believe it is man, not God who decides the fate of all creation big government must become your focus of worship. The Bundy Ranch in Nevada was overrun by BLM forces under the state sponsored lie they were protecting an endangered desert tortoise. Eastern Montana is being prepped for similar squashing to save the Sage Grouse and after free-roaming bison sweep the plains, government will have a choke hold on rural Montana. Our Treasure State timber industry has been destroyed and the mining industry severely crippled by leftists promoting environmentalism. The Marxist’s special cult of climate changers advance the preposterous theory chosen emperors can control the earth’s weather through tax policy. I am shocked by both the arrogance of the ruling class, as well as the ignorance of the slaves who believe such poppycock. In school, weren’t you taught to think critically? Wait a minute; I take that back. Trust me; it is all a lie to get you to submit. To modify the 1776 patriot battle cry to fit 2014, “There is but one King; and He is not in Washington D.C.”
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