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America the Invincible

I used to think every incumbent should be voted out of office, but I recently learned I was wrong. Washington’s wizards of wisdom have performed a brilliant financial maneuver which just might secure America’s future. Our good fortune is easier to explain if I compare our national economy to the life and death of a Detroit woman named Pia Farrenkopf. Here is her story.

Pia lived in the suburbs of Detroit and she registered to vote in 2006 at the age of 47. According to coroner’s office, she crawled into the back seat of her SUV parked inside her garage sometime in 2008 where she died. Oddly enough, she voted in the 2010 gubernatorial election before crawling back into her SUV and re-assuming the dead position. County election officials are brushing aside her bizarre ballot behavior as a clerical error; a common mistake in Chicago and Florida. I could stop here and discuss dead people voting, but that is not my point. She lay mummified in her car until her body was discovered by a property management representative on March 7th, of 2014. Interestingly, Pia’s absence went unnoticed to creditors because she used direct electronic fund transfers to pay her bills. Foreclosure proceedings did not begin until her bank account had been exhausted. This sparked my epiphany America just might be able to spend her way out of her debt crisis. Perhaps the left has been right all along.

On February 11th, 28 House Republicans joined with 193 Democrats to unconditionally raise our national debt ceiling; figuratively signing a blank check. When you couple their spendthrift attitude with the printing frenzy of the quantitative easing fanatics at the fed, we are stuffing our national bank account with an endless supply of worthless dollars. This is good. If we set up direct electronic fund transfers with the Bank of China to retire our debt, our American economy could be mummified in the backseat of a Bronco for decades before the Chinese discover the truth. We would have the last laugh; isn’t that great?

In case my sarcasm fooled you, I am kidding about my admiration of those plunging America further in debt. What will we do when China refuses to buy more American debt? Every day I am amazed by ordinary people who do not see an economic reckoning of Old Testament magnitude on the horizon. President Obama’s most recent budget proposal for 2015 is an unsustainable, record 3.9 trillion dollars consisting mostly of expanding government programs. Don’t we have enough government?

Here in the Treasure State, a bit of misnomer, in 2012 the number one employment sector providing 82,393 or 14 percent of all jobs was government. The number two slot at 14 percent was healthcare / social services, with number three being retail trades at 13 percent. Agriculture, timber, mining and oil production, all industries which actually contribute new wealth to our economy, bring up the rear with each producing approximately one percent of all jobs. This means the top three sectors employing 46 percent only functions as a transfer station using the wealth created from the one percent sectors. When this total exceeds 50 percent, meaning more mummies are riding in the SUV than are out front pulling, China will discover our federal bank account is empty. It is simple math folks, yet politicians in Washington continue offering freebies, ominous regulations and new programs as if the debt will never come due and voters will never discover the truth.

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