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Thursday morning, my oldest daughter, Meagan, made headlines in Great Falls. As per her pre-dawn, school day routine, all seven children were buckled into their Excursion, so Meagan could deliver the four oldest to school before swapping vehicles with their nanny who hauls the youngest three back to the house. After work, the trek is reversed with minor tweaking depending on after-school activities. It is a pattern perfected by repetition, but Thursday it suffered catastrophic failure.

I was finishing breakfast, when I heard a radio broadcast warning listeners about a dangerous freezing rain event in Great Falls. While loading the dishwasher, I received a text from my son-in-law, Tim, which read “Meagan just rolled the Excursion, all okay so far...” My life instantly froze waiting for details and here is the story.

It was a rainy 40 degrees, and Tim headed to work a minute ahead of Meagan. Rain is always welcome in Montana, but this morning it was instantly freezing when it hit the 20 degree pavement of the lowlands. Tim hit the black ice, slid around and pulled off the road to see if something was amiss with the steering on his old pickup. Nearly falling, he grabbed his phone to warn Meagan, but inertia had already sucked her into the vortex. She was driving slowly when her rig swapped ends, but the downhill slope and the frictionless ice meant her family hauler was picking up speed every second. As they left the pavement, Meagan hollered, “Lord protect us,” and He did. The Excursion slid sideways, hit the deeper snow of the shoulder and rolled into the ditch before striking the far bank thereby crushing the driver’s side roof. Clara, the oldest, was riding shotgun and was the first out of the rig. Being a survivalist, had she had her pocketknife she would have built a shelter, started a fire and been roasting a couple rabbits while simultaneously removing her six siblings and mother from the wreck. School rules prohibit pocketknives, so she waited for her Dad who was coming back up the road as fast as the ice allowed.

First to the scene were Tad and Danielle, new neighbors of Meagan and Tim’s. Tad is a Great Falls police officer and EMT who coincidentally had his jump pack in his car that morning. While hurrying to help, he too slipped on the ice before making it to the Excursion and placing a c-collar around Meagan’s neck. Mike, another neighbor, arrived about the same time as Tim, and everyone began assessing and extracting the six remaining mini-Kimmels before shuffling them into warm idling vehicles.

Over the next four hours, Tad, Danielle and Mike hauled my grandkids back to the Kimmel house and solicited the aid of Mike’s wife, Kim, to watch the little ones while Tim followed the ambulance to the hospital. Truly giving of herself, Kim folded laundry and straightened up the house before baking brownies so as to occupy the little ones. Meanwhile, the ER was quickly overwhelmed with auto-crash victims as well as slip-and-faller pedestrians and by the grace of God, Meagan was only bruised. She was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon and returned home a couple hours before the trophy wife and I pulled into their driveway.

Tad, Danielle and Mike all stopped after work to check on the Kimmels. Kelli, a neighbor with whom their only contact had been the customary Montana nod while passing on the highway, pulled into their driveway bringing two trays of chicken enchiladas plus chocolate-chip cookies. This was the first day of a flood of support from neighbors and friends and Meagan wept at everyone’s kindness. This brings me to my point.

America truly is a Christian nation where loving ones neighbor as yourself is the norm rather than the exception. Even places like Ferguson and New York City are filled with Christians yearning to help their fellow man. It is only when influenced by the evil one, the ugliness of covetousness gains a foothold. Beware the antichrists fanning the flames of racial hatred so as to empower themselves. Their rewards may be great on earth, but there will be hell to pay in eternity.

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